Details Let’s play The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset on PS4! We take a scenic tour …

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  • KoJ1337 1 hour ago

    So is the whole game this boring? Just bought it as there is nothing else

  • Funky Boy 1 hour ago

    Do I need psplus for this?

  • ilo milo 1 hour ago

    How is the alchemy? Is the potions the same as the original Skyrim or did they increase/decrease the amount in the game?

  • RETNUH GAMING 1 hour ago

    if i buy the summerset digital 40$ version does it include the base game?

  • the boy gamers 1 hour ago

    How much it costs

  • Gunshow0 1 hour ago

    Be nice if the grass moved if you ran through it

  • MonsterKat 1 hour ago

    What FOV are they using?

  • patatjeoorlognl2 1 hour ago

    I love this game but its way to much money for a subscribtion

  • Mees Vonk 1 hour ago

    If you buy the ps4 edition can you play the original game too

  • Chris Tsib 1 hour ago

    i very much liked the game and i say liked because playing it in ps4 was a total letdown.I find it unacceptable playing a console game and getting blue screen critical errors!that thing alone kept me from not getting eso plus membership and finaly quiting the game.

  • JR Cardoso 1 hour ago

    Esse jogo é propaganda enganosa.

  • 1010101 1 hour ago

    this game is not funny, I bought it I played for 30 hours, I did not like it at all, people who play this game, do not help low level people

  • MoragPS4 1 hour ago

    How to digitally pre order on PS4?

  • lorenzo501 1 hour ago

    I wish this could be seen through virtual reality, looks so amazing.. Even better, I wish it was real xP

  • Logan Legend 1 hour ago

    I love that they keep adding great updates to this game and it's already a masterpiece.

  • Nick X 1 hour ago

    I tried this game, but didn’t really hook me. The world is big, but it just felt so dead.

  • Rich Homie Tron 1 hour ago

    white ppl and their pets lol, the girl instantly got wet when she was the mutt

  • hellomikie92 1 hour ago

    Why does this game bore me?

  • Kamil W 1 hour ago

    Auridon v2 XD

  • Killercoldice22 1 hour ago

    im not salty but,,looks just like the rest of eso lol

  • Spider Bite 1 hour ago

    So breathtaking, even the birds are so stunned they're landing midair @10:48 mark.

  • ONYX Frans 1 hour ago

    Really hope the dlc is cheap because I've missed out on all the others due to high crown cost and unfortunately a lot of cool stuff cuse thier all locked behind crown crates

  • Aaron 1 hour ago

    Everything looks the same and the animations looks so silly. Flailing your weapons all over the place while you scurry around looks SO ridiculous. Everything feels so disconnected.

  • Evasion 1 hour ago

    Neverwinter remake

  • METALOZON 1 hour ago

    I really wanna play this amazing looking game, but its so annoying that the character is not in the center of the screen. And no, having your hero in the center does not block your view more. The classical 3rd person camera is still the best. Stop messing with it.

  • Jacobim Mugatu 1 hour ago

    I gave it a good try several times, console and pc, but i could never get into this game.

  • carlos valentino cohen gomez 1 hour ago

    can't wait for this game…. needed now

  • Andy D 1 hour ago

    oooh it looks so good. June cant come soon enough.

  • grizzledcroc 1 hour ago

    Game looks great at ultra and with a good reshade(effects) .

  • Luis Nunes 1 hour ago

    Graphics are good but the world is very static ,it lacks life