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  • Anzor Youssef 5 mins ago

    You should check ark and reupload this vid

  • OoDeucexoO 5 mins ago

    Do NOT play Elsword. The game seriously went down the shitter since this video came out (hell even before). Entirely reliant upon enhancements and cash shop now. PvP is also virtually entirely dead.

  • Sylla Bear 5 mins ago

    Unlike and unsub for promoting ip block trash in your list.

  • Derek Dudley 5 mins ago

    In need of the complete film. Well then search in Google as: "CineHub4U" to find the complete film.

  • Gabo Derflinger 5 mins ago

    The only thing I don't like about this games (appart from the exagerated anime styles on the clothes and weapons) is the absurd amount of lights and effects on attacks and powers, you simply can't see what's going on in the screen.

  • Paradeux 5 mins ago

    Thankzeyuuh 😀 I looked a long time for your video ..

  • Xonix Striker 5 mins ago

    soulworker or closers…. or both lmao

  • Pandah Commander 5 mins ago

    5.27 Turn On CC. "And big dick"

  • Natsu Dragoniel 5 mins ago

    Its a trap u.u

  • TR LaValley 5 mins ago

    Slayer Vs Brawler I've been thinking the last couple of days; Brawler is not the proper name for this Genre; even Taryn in the Video was saying, "We all know the Street Fighters, and Tekkens of this world" but none of these games is a 1v1 Punch up.

    I think Sites like MMOStation would better serve the community, and industry if we moved from refering to these games as Brawlers; which they are not really to Slayers; which is what they are, its not only more accurate, but it invokes a very different vision of what the game promises and One I think would pull more people to this underserved Genre. Just a thought but hope you will consider it and may post a list of Best Slayers for 2017/2018. Ty BB.

  • okumura shiro 5 mins ago

    too bad closer online is region block..

  • Devashan Pillay 5 mins ago

    Is vindictus ip locked?

  • TR LaValley 5 mins ago

    Thanks been looking for a "new" game world to explore, always been intrigued by Vindictus and Im just not a crafty sort of player; If Im not killing Im not happy (in game.) So really giving Vindictus a test drive. : ) Would love too see a 2nd list 3D only no side scrollers if you feel there is content enough to fill.

  • Alexander Sidum Laka Kaki 5 mins ago

    battlerite where r u

  • HAMnCHEESE 5 mins ago

    why is warframe not here? hmm

  • GhostGames 5 mins ago

    10. Elsword Online is not much of a pay to win the game company is working on making it more play to win and I can say they're really trying cuz the things you can only buy they're giving away more frequently

  • Nonderyon 5 mins ago

    so….Blade and soul not an action oriented game? XDDDDD good to know xD

  • Tanya von Degurechaff 5 mins ago

    Elsword number 10 . . . .

    is it because it's the oldest ?

    i'm still playing it

  • SCARlet_DRaKox13 5 mins ago

    Soul worker is the best game ever

  • Android 17 5 mins ago

    Number 1. Dungeon fighter online.
    Rest is eh

  • Jon Potter 5 mins ago
  • Casper Blackbird 5 mins ago

    not sure if anyone mentioned this in comments, but fuck!, i played living shit out of 'Rakion' back in the day, that game was really fun, mon! 😄

  • Darkgen 5 mins ago

    What was the anime at the beginning of the video called?

  • jules destin 5 mins ago

    those games suck!!

  • Chance kazz 5 mins ago

    R I P rumble fighter

  • MoonMoon 5 mins ago

    where's western made mmo? or right they are ugly and suck

  • dafemads 5 mins ago

    glad Dragon Nest is getting some recognition, it's still an amazing game though hardly talked about nowadays.

  • Cristhian OR. 5 mins ago

    Topteame este que tengo aquiii…HoLo HoLo LokEAnd0 xDdxDXDX

  • Steve Phrasavath 5 mins ago

    Nice alright & thanks.

  • Abod Mahde 5 mins ago

    Loli hugges 9:52 XD

  • Jr BlueBird 5 mins ago

    Elsword online yet you use a character from DFO lol