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  • Bains Style 3 weeks ago

    Bro gta 5 ka btaa Yr 4 gb ram main calee gi ya nhi

  • TeknoGod 3 weeks ago

    Can i play these games on
    Intel® Pentium®
    4GB ram
    If yes how many fps can i get in high graphics?

  • Every game I see here is amazing. so hard to choose one. If I get all, I might never see the sunlight again.

  • Master Raiyan 3 weeks ago

    You have PS or PC

  • Abhi Dun 3 weeks ago

    can i run this on

    intel core [email protected]

    4gb ram

  • Games Club 3 weeks ago

    You are very nice

  • the marocaingaming 3 weeks ago

    8generation i5 8250u and AMD radeon 530m can I run those games

  • Brodybatemanvlogs 3 weeks ago

    Now I finally now what to play

  • Pink Gumball 3 weeks ago

    Why all shooters Jesus, every fucking video is about shooters

  • Aswin Rajesh 3 weeks ago

    will I be able to play GTA 5 on 4gb RAM and AMD radeon 2gb graphics

  • ShadowRaze 3 weeks ago

    i can run and sniper elite 4 too on 4 gigs ram !

  • LêTech 3 weeks ago

    intel core i9 8700 @3.8 Ghz, with 32gb ram, 1GB SSD
    Intel® HD Graphics 530

    GEFORCE GTX 1080p by NVIDIA 4K

  • Essam Elbanna 3 weeks ago

    thank for you

  • mourad belk 3 weeks ago

    can i play this games on my laptop LENOVO V110 with no problems and nice graphics
    Processeur Intel Core i3-6006U (Dual-Core 2 GHz – Cache 3 Mo)
    Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 520
    4 Go de mémoire DDR4 (4 Go intégrés + 1 slot libre – maximum 12 Go au total)
    Ecran large de 15.6" anti-reflets au format 16/9 (1366 x 768)
    Sortie HDMI, pour le raccordement à un téléviseur HD
    Disque dur de 500 Go (5400 RPM)
    Communication sans fil Wi-Fi AC + Bluetooth 4.1
    1 port USB 3.0 : vitesse haut débit avec des périphériques compatibles
    Batterie offrant jusqu'à 5h30 d'autonomie (selon l'utilisation et les programmes installés)
    Webcam intégrée 0,3 Mégapixel
    Sécurité : puce TPM 2.0 intégrée
    Haut-parleur monaural (1x 1.5 W) + microphone monaural intégré
    Windows 10 Famille 64 bits
    Directx 12

  • Μιχαλης Σιδηριπουλος 3 weeks ago

    League of Legends?!

  • Dean Warren 3 weeks ago

    Can i play max payne 3?
    Ram 4.00 gb ram (3.50gb ram usable)
    HD graphics 2.70 ghz
    Local disk 265gb
    64 bit

  • ZdenaC_TV {GamePlay} 3 weeks ago

    Can I play all this games I have 6gb ram

  • Sricharan Selveraj 3 weeks ago

    Just cause2
    Farcry 4
    AC 3
    FIFA 15
    Also works

  • Vukasin Mijajlovic 3 weeks ago

    IS this much for fortnite Procesor:I core 7 16 GB ram ?

  • TX GAMER 3 weeks ago

    Which games can I run on 4 GB ram and 2 GB graphics

  • islam memmedov 3 weeks ago

    ram 18 gb Bende

  • Scorpion56 3 weeks ago

    Can i play all these games with 4 gb ram, 2.60 Hz core i5 , outer geaphics card nivida nvs 5200 and inner card intel HD ?

  • abdo mohamed 3 weeks ago

    I had Ram 4 and Vega Ram 512 and I later learned that if I added another RAM 2, the VIA would increase to 1 GB RAM but when I hit the RAAM, it would not happen. What happened and why would he like to solve the problem?

  • M Sergiu 3 weeks ago

    Oh God, thank you very much! This games work on my laptop. I'm so glad I found this video!

  • Alph4Sn1p3r 3 weeks ago

    Can I run Need for speed most wanted (2012),on a 4 GB RAM, Windows 10, 2.5 Ghz-3.3 Ghz with turbo boost, HP laptop, with best settings?
    I wanna know

  • Gamer boy 3 weeks ago

    GTA v is 4gb ram

  • SA30- All in one 3 weeks ago

    Some one reply to me.
    My pc spec
    G41 motherboard
    8 gb ram
    Intel pentum core 2 duo
    2 gb gpu.
    Can i run far cry 4.

  • cyb3r tooth 3 weeks ago

    Dude your videos are awesome!

  • Saif Emad 3 weeks ago


  • Saber Ben Salem 3 weeks ago

    tomP raider

  • Mohak Ahuja 3 weeks ago

    Anyone plz give me working MAX PAYNE 3 download link!


  • Aakash Rohila 3 weeks ago

    Can I play all of them with no graphic card??

  • weeKTM 3 weeks ago

    I play all of this games except max payne 3 on low resolution with at least 30 40 fps with 2 GB RAM and INTEL HD GRAPHICS

  • habeeba majeed 3 weeks ago

    can i play all these games with
    Intel i5 7200u
    and Radeon 520 2gb gpu
    4gb ram
    4 gb

  • Marshall Lds 3 weeks ago

    Can I play all these games on
    Intel core i3 3.40ghz
    4gb ram
    Nvidia geforce 210 1gb ddr3

  • atharva saraf 3 weeks ago

    how to download this game

  • Olu bean 3 weeks ago

    Hitman absolution is badly optimized fps is so low even with on low settings

  • akshay chaturvedi 3 weeks ago

    hii can u give me link to download game free with crack plss send me link

  • Pintu Bhattacharjee 3 weeks ago

    did I ever tell u the definition of insanity ?

  • abdo Abdnour 3 weeks ago

    Can i play these games With xbox 360

  • music pro 3 weeks ago

    there are no games for 4 GB RAM, dont be fooled guzs there are other specs who have a major role like the GPU

  • WilderGG 3 weeks ago

    can i play this games with intel celeron?