My personal top 10 racing games of all time excluding Kart Racers and one game per series. MY TWITCH: MY TWITTER: …

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  • bat man 1 month ago

    Awesome list 👍

  • Марина Казакова 1 month ago

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  • Dan Wade 1 month ago

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  • Наталья Рощина 1 month ago

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  • rub meow 1 month ago

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  • AceRay 24 1 month ago

    you should do more top 10

  • Солембум 1 month ago

    FlatOut 1,2

  • LAN Fan 1 month ago

    I was so glad to see Forza Horizon on there. I still haven't played the sequels, but it easily sits as my favorite racing game. The balance between sim and arcade handling, the soundtrack, and the Colorado setting are all just perfect

  • Holy Duck 1 month ago

    I would bump Burnout Revenge up to Blurs place and bump Blur down a little but solid list, honestly agree with most of these.

  • Danny G 1 month ago

    I loved playing on the stunt courses with my friends, the arena was a lot of fun

  • seg manco 1 month ago

    well im sorry but need for speed most wanted 2005 takes underground and i played them both

  • The Viellain 1 month ago

    Amazing obscure hidden gems. These are the kinds of top 10 lists that stand out. Also amazing references by the way. This channel deserves far more views and subscriptions than what it really has.

  • Reaper bloody 1 month ago

    midnight club 3 is better than midnight club la , that game is crazy, you need to try it and if you decide to play it, buy the remix edition to get more content

  • hey hey 1 month ago

    how do you get the roof of your lamborghini in forza horizon

  • CzochiaBoll 1 month ago

    how can you hate split second? you can throw a fucking building on other racers. i got gold on all of the races multiple times

  • Mujtaba Ibrahim 1 month ago

    any top ten racing game without nfs mw 2005 is not a valid list….

  • Staaanleyy 1 month ago

    Not a Gran Turismo player ?

  • Khristian4444 1 month ago

    Need for speed 2015 is reboot. Also I think EA may not made an unground 3.

  • Khristian4444 1 month ago

    HG Central Compellable

  • Tanishq Kumar 1 month ago

    Burnout 3 and paradise are both better than revenge