10 horror games that are just not scary. We love horror games but some are scarier than others. The games in this video all tried to scare us but failed horribly.

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  • ZoominGames 33 mins ago

    Did you know about the forgotten classics in this video? Let us know!

  • soun59 33 mins ago

    Wait RE 6 and not RE5? Attention least RE6 tried tout scare us with the leon missions.

  • Cipher Blaze 33 mins ago

    …how resident evil is scary games? All I get is shock not scare in Re7…. But resident evil is not FPS games damn all those fans…ruin the game…

  • Shadowbane Gaming 33 mins ago

    Half of these weren't meant to be scary…

  • frankinberries 33 mins ago

    Parasite eve was never survival horror. The first game gave you so much ammo it wasn't funny.

  • SLC Robot 33 mins ago

    Jericho is scary, but mostly the atmosphere and AIs. What is this? 1 of the worst top ever which you made. Sorry, but you mistaked with Jericho.

  • Mahdi FreeMan 33 mins ago

    What makes a game scary is just the diffeculty for example I find dark souls more scary than resident evil

  • That_One_Guy_69 33 mins ago

    Dying Light

  • Plushmation Studios 33 mins ago

    Five Nights at Freddy's 3 is an amazing horror game and I love it with the phantom amatronics keeping you busy while springtrap trying to get to the office and get the player it an amazing game Dino Crisis 2 is a good action horror is it still a good game to play and I love it

  • Josh Jarmon 33 mins ago

    No one should have been disappointed with re6. Like for real. After 4 you should have seen that the games wasnt going to be really all horror anymore. Dead space 3 well I mean look how long Isaac had been killing the Necromorphs of course he'd be a complete bad ass and not give a shit and fuck shit up XD. And Clive Barker's Jericho. I thought it was pretty scary my first time playing it. I guess so since I was… 12 maybe 10. Its a wonderful game. I recommend it if you like shooters for one but like umm idk the magical demon bullshit. Whatever! You get to kill shit

  • Zion Leach 33 mins ago

    I don't think dead rising or dead island are supposed to be horror

  • Zion Leach 33 mins ago

    It's clive barker not baker at least undying was good

  • Holly Hartwick 33 mins ago

    Some of these games, if you're saying they're not scary, I have to wonder whether you're using a very narrow definition of "scary" or if you're just jaded.

  • Mathew Hurst 33 mins ago

    Jericho is a great game you retards

  • YOUR GAMER NYRO 33 mins ago

    Is RE 6 worth playing

  • Upyour64 33 mins ago

    yeah they are going to finally release dead island 2

  • Peter Kazavis 33 mins ago

    1) 5 nights at freddys as a series is cancerous
    2) Many factors led to Dead Space 4 being in limbo. Not just DS3
    3) Deadrising 3 was fantastic.

  • Tony Bone 33 mins ago

    50 times before she gets in the shower lol

  • only game that made me shiver is fatal frame / project zero ps2 >.<

  • Armando Tarin 33 mins ago

    Come on what about re7 bihazars that one is in first person and is juat nerve racking

  • kennyp 33 mins ago

    His last name isn't like a place where you get pastries, but like the noise a dog makes.

  • Putra Septiadi 33 mins ago

    But when I was a little kid and played Dino Crisis it was so scary xD

  • Wang An Jen 33 mins ago

    wait, parasite eve 3rd birthday is a horror game? I though it's just a shooting rpg games

  • Being a youtuber is controversial 33 mins ago

    Alot of people will probabley disagree with me but…. Condemned 2 bloodshot.

  • CloudFox 33 mins ago

    I thought all the Parasite Eve games were focused on action, or Action RPG. The only horror component in the game was the creatures design…

  • Timothy Freeman 33 mins ago

    Dead Island 2 is called Dead Island riptide, which takes place directly after dead islan, What we are waiting for is dead island 3 or a third game in the series to continue off after riptide which again is dead island 2

  • MrShotgunWaffles 33 mins ago

    6:10 excuse me while i unsubscribe.

  • Lyserg1260 33 mins ago

    1. FNAF
    2. Outlast

  • IP o i s i o NI 33 mins ago

    I would have loved if this video was about Horrorgames that tried to be legit scary but failed.

  • Kingannoying 2 33 mins ago

    There is a Dino crisis 3???

  • country doge 33 mins ago

    t i c c b a i t

  • Vandy Zeng 33 mins ago

    Im getting 4 ads while watching this… wtf

  • BMprod 33 mins ago

    most of these are Survival, not horror games…

  • Number 0:Baldi's basics in education and learning

  • Michael Payne 33 mins ago

    With the series on the list, they went into the most logical direction. After a while, with the same characters who gradually build experience off of the horrors they face, it becomes less horrific.

    Also, his name is Clive BaRker.

  • rhapsodefully 33 mins ago

    Any games in the hardest mode become an horror game 😉

  • David Vue 33 mins ago

    the game Amy, worst game ever

  • Deadly Fox 33 mins ago

    Fnaf is about the story not just the gameplay

  • fail HD 33 mins ago

    I just got clickbait so hard

  • TheGoondas87 33 mins ago

    I could listen to this presenters voice all day