Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. A shooter for that person who owned a lot of Vita games and kept trying to tell you to buy one.

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video rating: 2.69
duration : 8:44
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dislikes: 36

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  • TheBestBroGamerShow 1 month ago

    "This game was great! Just because it has a bad anime attached to it means nothing when I had fun taking turns playing this with my mom. 8/10!!!!"

  • goku546686 1 month ago

    I love this game but I hate the anime which starts first but the game was actually really good did u even play it mate? Lol cant review something you never experienced

  • Video too long 1 month ago

    Game is loading through your fucking big bucked teeth

  • Jasxene Dragneel 1 month ago

    you know i feel bad for u, if you were to watch the anime you would know how much better it is than ur wide ass noes
    i mean come on we all know haven't ever watch the anime so why make a video about something u barely know about. btw i hope you know sword art online isn't for 13 year old kids like you, the game is actually gorgeous. and the anime it self is more then decent, its actually pretty well written, you cant just listen to what random website says about it until you've watched it. man i think you need serious help tbh.

  • IceBear The bear 1 month ago

    The way you describe this game is like you dull and repetitive

  • Young Einstein Gaming Videos 1 month ago

    Wow your serious shit head duck you

  • This game is clearly a masterpiece.

  • Israel Flores 1 month ago

    Wow, you were truly pissed off here; this game must be really bad!

  • Slaprmy 1 month ago

    Do u play ps4 it would be fun to play with u if u do

  • Vicente Pena elias 1 month ago


  • red bird43269 1 month ago

    Imma bout to roast please hold me back

  • Patryk KARPINSKI 1 month ago

    This Game literally looks like Monster Hunter World except that you can create a generic Anime persona, Other than that it's the same Bland repetitive missions that are mostly "Kill some specific enemy" or "complete some repetitive fetch quest" & to top it all off with clunky and unresponsive controls like using the weapon which by the you figure out how to use it the enemy will already kill you or machine gun away a whole half of your health. Honestly I was never interested in this shitty franchise or really anyone seeing as pretty much everyone is trying to stay away as far away from it as they possibly can, unless you're a lonely Neckbeard like VincentWeir.

  • Sean Reviews 1 month ago

    why do you have to bring up sonic in videos where its not about sonic

  • ICUP321 1 month ago

    Why does that bitch in the cover have a light-saber? WTF?

  • Lord Adz 1 month ago

    Sonic 06 all over again haha

  • SetSomebody 1 month ago


  • Squeaky Nova 1 month ago

    Shit anime.
    Shit game.
    Shit Novel.
    and Shit Hentai.

    No wonder some 17 year old kid who was a fan of this anime fucking shot his brains out.

  • Mr. Wizard 1 month ago

    You did not make your character a cute anime girl? You had one fucking job.

  • Lmao the fuck is this gay shit nigga? I only play Fortnite -WakandanHokage23

  • Zilihan 1 month ago

    Bracing for the influx of weeaboos.

  • asiimov Tangust_BLYAT 1 month ago

    This time. U are right. Some shit game which from a shit anime

  • Goalkick 234 1 month ago

    This is stupid

  • Sean Reviews 1 month ago

    weebos sorry man your no filthyfrank

  • KnucklesWTD 1 month ago

    I’ve noticed your vulgarity increase

  • Dante Son Of Sparda 1 month ago

    holy hell this game looks boring

  • TheBreakingBenny 1 month ago

    The only reason I got into this game was because it offered quests on Gamekit DOT com, I guess the only positive thing I can leave with are the music tracks… I'd hate to check out the anime.

  • Ronald MethDonald 1 month ago

    Looks like a ripoff of Xenoblade, a far superior game.