In this video Vress shares his top MMORPGs to play in 2018. We will take a look at the best full releases as well as some of the upcoming MMORPG titles that …

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  • MadBoiCompilations 2 months ago

    Player housing anywhere in the world sounds to good to be true, its gonna turn to the point where you cant walk around because there are houses everywhere, not good

  • Zappy Boiii 2 months ago

    "only gonna spen a short time leveling" yes , that's what i planned but blizzard nerfed dungeons

  • Shimred 2 months ago

    Damn Ashes of Creation looks great…

  • Silver Ghost 2 months ago

    Wheres SAO?

  • Daniel6845 2 months ago

    super disappointed about the mmo's these days… none of these come close to lineage 2 and aion etc.

  • ExiztYT 2 months ago

    Thank you God, for having a woman birth this lad, having to watch MMOByte, due to nobody else really doing this (not literally), made me lose nearly half my brain cells. Keep on~

  • Professorix1967 2 months ago


  • The Great Malik 2 months ago

    World of Warcraft from my own opinion has the most vibrant and eye pleasing color palette that just makes every thing look alive and grand. The map is hands down one of the best parts of the game. Combat feels good for a point and attack game after MOP expansion . To some its outdated but to some they love it. I think its alright. WoW is WoW, it would not have made it this far if it was not great. I would have loved more sandbox elements but thats not the game. The role play in game is still alive and thriving on specific servers.

    Black Desert looks stellar graphically. Really boring story but is really beautiful. PVP though! 1v1s and the mass fights can be pretty fun. Fighting ai in game can be boring at times because it is alot of dodging and not so much strategy involved. the ai fight like brain dead zombies. More zombie mobs, graphics, adding to the pay shop, and adding new characters seems to be Black Deserts favorite solutions. Its a very casual game.

    Ashes of Creation, Chronicles of Elyria and Crowfall in that order sound like the most fun if you like make your own fun sandbox games and Guess what…i do like sandbox games! Massive role play and sandbox potential in all three of these games. The combat in crowfall looks great. i havent seen the combat in the other two games.

    I have tried Final Fantasy 14 and i just cannot get into it. i have friends that play it but i have never been into Final Fantasy's overall lore and culture. Not saying others wont like it. The game is theme park oriented. Which means alot of story and little make your own fun but i do know alot of people that really like the game. The community in game is the best i have ever seen in a game and the role play is top class. There are alot of different mobs in game but the game feels very lifeless but i did play on the balmung server. which is the legacy server with minimum new comers.

    My thoughts on Guild Wars 2 is it has the most fun combat vs ai and other players. constant real time movement and every hit feels powerful in game. The voice acting is so corny its cringe lol. There is alot of story in game followed by more intense combat and it only gets better as you play the expansions. This cities in game do feel pretty dead. It would be nice if the cities felt thriving. PVP also has alot of private servers.

    My opinion on ESO is that it felt the most generic. Like if the game was not in Elder Scrolls lore then it would not be as known. The role play in this game is amazing though. The voice acting is really nice for an mmo. the combat is limiting though and it feels really glidy, as if their is minimum weight to your character and their fighting moves.

  • keggerous 2 months ago

    For some reason ESO doesn't feel like an MMO to me. it's like a coop game or something.

  • Lord Friedrich 2 months ago

    Wish we could sacrifice Blizzard and Zenimax corporate heads to the daedric gods, so ashes of creation would arrive early.

  • Lord Friedrich 2 months ago

    Casuals are the plague of the modern gaming era.

  • Lord Friedrich 2 months ago

    Half of these arent coming before 2019. You have decieved us.

  • Michael Coffey 2 months ago

    Great list. I am in Gw2 and FF14 myself.

  • Guyz please ! Advise a good mmorpg ! I am totlly disapointed from WOW ! They literaly ruined the game ! blizzard are a bunch of greedy gobins , who ruined the game for more money !
    I just uninstalled that crap, and I am searching for a good fair game, hopefully better than WOW. Can you please advise ?

  • jose segovia 2 months ago

    ascent infinite realm caught my eye till i saw kao kao games logo . you forgot to tell people about the cash shop prices in black desert. and for that reason alone i pass. kao kao is a cash grabbing company .

  • Dmitriy S 2 months ago

    Why do you pronounce beta as bita? 😀

  • Siddhanta Gurung 2 months ago

    Im here to write about a game which i think has a very good potential to itself and although at first it might seem daunting and has its flaws and those are the reason for the drop of player base but which game doesnt have flaws? If you overlook that and just go with the flow and play with friends i believe this game has a lot of potential.
    And the game is Vindictus.

    Combat is great and fluid, although not open world it still has variety of stages.
    Can be repetitive sure but every game are and with its latest updates and all, i believe its gon wayy better than how it use to be.
    Veteran players know it was quite p2w yes but it also has elements of not having to pay and buy whatever you want. Paying services are mostly cosmetics aswell so i dont see much hassle there tbh. Back then when Season 2 started the game dropped heavily due to its new system and people didnt like it and i was one of them but im back now, and im ignoring those facts and going straight for the late game as the game has made the early stages very easy to clear by yourself or with others, it still is fun.
    But late game is really where the fun is and it doesnt take much to get there. If playing casually i’d say about a month or so and youre in late.
    I seriously hope you guys give it a try again. I really think the mmos thats coming out now are nowhere to the level of some of the old ones. And Vindictus is one of that game, which is great when there are people to
    Play with and investing time in this game.

  • chris redfield 2 months ago

    how much did blizzard blow you to add that shitty pile of garbage warcraft to the list? lolol… FFXIV is good for about a month untill you max every class and craft and its repetitive boring trash. SE should have kepy up on FFXI instead of ruining it, because XIV is a joke

  • Mauro Tamm 2 months ago

    That EVE trailer is misleading. I logged in when they went free and it was more like "what is this outdated ugly sh*t".

  • Tala K 2 months ago

    BFA wow is the same ole same ole. It's mindless and pathetic for it's age. The player base… uhhhggg. If the game itself doesn't kill it for you, the player base will.

  • BillieSebastian 2 months ago


  • BillieSebastian 2 months ago


  • PazarGaming HD 2 months ago

    Any suggestions on what MMO i should play next (paid or free) just as long as its GOOD

    after playing guild wars 2 as my first evert MMO ?

  • Mage Front 2 months ago

    I ejected myself in the space when I first tried EVE online, that's why I quit.

  • ZeLLarc 2 months ago

    BDO is by far my favorite and its combat system is truly amazing. A:IR looks quite promising, and i can't wait for it to release

  • Hell Sr 2 months ago

    i just hit sub man, nice review. But I am still confuse what to play. I want trading and action with open realm….

  • AceZStar 2 months ago

    rumble fighter is a good free to play game<3

  • Yuki Pyro 2 months ago

    The first game you mentioned. Seems fun but the life span shit. Nah not impressed. Will most likely never play that mmo.

  • Shockwave 2 months ago

    BDO probably has the best combat out of any MMO but theres no end game PvE, its pretty much only PvP aside from world bosses

  • emperor1337 2 months ago

    All look like U4 dogshit and appear to play like it. Just another slew of magical fairies in glowing armor wielding physics-defying weapons while riding magical tiger-unicorn hybrids!

  • Elijah Fire 2 months ago

    Building an MMORPG for casuals is total fail. I'm amazed GW2 is even still around. I loved the game for a total of 7 days when I was done and bored with the non existent "end game".

  • Peach Reee 2 months ago

    Great video, amazing games on the list. I would like to point out something though and it's more of an friendly but negative feedback. You can hear me out and take action on it next time or disregard it. It's up to you really it's your videos and your channel, I just wanted to point it out in case you haven't noticed it:
    Theres a stale narration pattern that makes it sound more like you're reading a book for your senior high school English teacher. I sure you must be using a script because naturally informational videos require a planned script. You start off with some enthusiasm in the beginning of each sentence but then at the end of it, you have a monotone-ish closing. This is in almost every sentence. I'm not really much of an observant person but listening to the narration for 20 minutes makes it hard to miss this flaw.

    I mean no offense in this comment at all, like I said I just wanted to let you know that this is noticeable and makes it kinda hard to keep listening to the narration.
    No one is perfect though 🙂

  • Nadem Hijaze 2 months ago

    bless online?

  • Moirraine Campbell 2 months ago

    GW2 not for hardcore pve'ers? I beg to differ.

    Why didn't you show gameplay?

  • So… many… I need a time machine. A few quick feedback:
    – Chronicles of Elyria : I am fascinated by their original and gritty mechanics (but I must choose 1 or 2 games max)
    – Crowfall : it is pretty much my favorite genre (as a fan of Shadowbane and Darkfall)… Far from launched.
    – GW2 : your assessment it spot on. It was not for me (hated the PvE, etc.).
    – ESO : I love it. Love the style and it is user-friendly. Will return to it at some point (busy with other games)

  • Carl Corner 2 months ago

    i dont get why people like ff14, they created this massive nice looking world..but its players and no incentive to engange in it since
    the game is 100% dungeon gameplay, wich gets extremely boring quickly
    gear is trown at you and therfor has no value
    compared to ff11 this game is piss easy and has no deph in combat or anything, there isnt really much to do either
    since u can do everything solo with ez the social aspect isnt there, the biggest friendships startet when u helped each other in hard missions etc
    ff14 doesnt have that, but its such importend thing for any MMO
    normal leveling is dead, u get no exp for normal monsters later ..example im lv 63 and get like 1k exp for a kill of the same lvl, whilst u need over 6M to lvlup
    ..again no incentive to engage with the world itsself and no people to just meet and party

    alot of things in this game feel anti-mmo, but hey atleast the graphics are nice and the dumbed down action gameplay is greatly enjoyed by the masses
    that cant be botherd to think and learn, its the biggest customer base.. might asell pander to them and make more money
    the buisness men calling the shots are like parasites, they leech of the succues of others whilst spitting in the face of the fans and devs
    every big franchise falls victim to this garbage, unfortunatly

    they didnt want to create another ff11 but use all of its charackter/enemy models LOL, ff11 was massive succues why not expand on it?
    its not like we cant find a nice balance between dungeon/regular content…. they havent even tryd it
    when its about money, big companys often forget who made them big..the fans

  • TheLuxumbrae 2 months ago

    Is it me or is this video super quiet?

  • Evil BanKai 2 months ago

    if these are the best mmorpgs then i am very sad…

  • LeonomusPrime 2 months ago

    Elyria already sounds like its going to be yet another over hyped faliur that could have never delivered on everything it promised, at least not in the form it claimed it would.

  • luke bessonov 2 months ago

    Chronicles of Elyria only reason I want to play it is to spill oil in a castle and burn it to the ground. And tie the king up in it

  • Habbit 2 months ago

    What about tera and blade and soul?

  • Michael Elwell 2 months ago

    lost ark

  • TheN3ckol 2 months ago

    Guild Wars 2 for casual? He He He. Love how people say that without playing it for a while. If you are casual, just RIP on wvwvw, pvp, raids and fractals… Everybody will kill you, blame you for "casual" plays on fractals and raids. Mastering meta builds are harder then most mmo' s end game. Mid – higher ranks on pvp are not for casuals. You can play this as casual but only story mode / map exploring and dungeons…