Bloodborne delivers an exhausting and exhilarating journey into the depths of madness.

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video rating: 4.72
time : 5:28
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  • Pedro Pereira 1 month ago

    I just beat The orphan of Kos after about 50 tries!!!

  • EBSlendy 1 month ago

    0/10 game since its a ps4 exclusive and sony wont port it even when a petition to have it ported got over 13k signitures

  • Postaratum YT 1 month ago

    Amazing game best sony game in a decade

  • StealthySwine 1 month ago

    “The inability to warp between checkpoints”. What are you talking about? You go to the dream then choose where you want to go

  • mohannad ali 1 month ago

    3:42 yarn-ham.

  • RENDred 12360 1 month ago

    Guys this doesnt make sense, dark souls 3 was 9.5 but bb was 9.1 yet in the top 300 games of all times bb was 30th place but dark souls 3 wasnt even in the list SO HOW DOES THIS WORK IGN!

  • Gian Scolaro 1 month ago

    Castlevania + Dark Soul : awesome Bloodborne

  • ZodiacProd 1 month ago

    so this is kinda a lot like the witcher..

  • Aseyah Chaudry 1 month ago

    So this is dark souls with smaller swords

  • Magnum 1 month ago


  • Saurav Kumar 1 month ago

    This and GoW are the best pure gaming experiences of this generation and yes I am not counting games made by wannabe movie directors (Last of Us, MGS 5, etc.)

  • Sensei Flores 1 month ago


  • Antioch westwamp 🔴 1 month ago

    Can’t get past the first level 😂😂

  • Partyin Door 1 month ago

    Just got into this game like 3 months ago, I can't put it down.. (thats what she said)

  • Whats This Button Do 1 month ago

    Remember when games didnt have long load times , no ? , I do.

  • Yellow Flash 1 month ago

    Load times are fixed now !!

  • Evan Evans 1 month ago

    Just now gettin it, downloading it now

  • TheDylanHimself 1 month ago

    Bloodborne deserves a ten!

  • Joseph Fabian 1 month ago

    Some of y’all are ridiculous, it’s been a 10/10 since it was released!

  • PISTASHIO 1 month ago

    Bought a ps4 last week for my graduation and this is the first i game i got for it, already in NG+ . Money well spent

  • Mr Dood 1 month ago

    So just another die a lot ‘Soles’ game clone with a vague and cryptic plot where you’ll have to go on a dozen forums just to figure out what’s going on.
    Meh, I’ll pass.

  • Dreyn 77 1 month ago

    You DON'T know our life! You won't be speaking about this game! All your views about this product are WRONG! Your generation needs to shut up and step away from the camera! You don't tell us how to live life and that you've lived our lives before we've lived them! You DON'T OWN all the moral values around all games! Shut up! When I BUY THE GAME its MY life! NOT YOURS and you DON'T KNOW how I'm going to live MY game life! Your generation is extraordinary, cause you're telling all humans how to live their lives! You're THE MOST INSANE GENERATION in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD! All things which sparkle ARE NOT ONLY FOR FEMAILS, AND all games are NOT just for Generation Y and the millenials! You DO NOT tell us about games! You do NOT know what you're talking about! Seek medical help for your MASSIVE EGO PROBLEM!

  • Bleedblue6487 1 month ago

    A 9.1 for this game is a absolute tragedy. Yet it is some how #2 on their top 25 PS4 games. Or it was for a long time anyway. I love ign but they make zero sense sometimes. To clarify, I think this game is a 9.6 at least.

  • Imon Ultra 1 month ago

    Anybody have a small channel like me on ps4 who I can do YouTube with

  • Zaediac 1 month ago

    Bloodborne gameplay lore atmosphere and story with God of war 2018 voice acting facial realism immersion emotional depth direction and one shot camera. Could there ever be a game like this?? May the Art gods bless us one day in the near future!!!!!! From software and Santa Monica unite!

  • Idiotic Tirades 1 month ago

    I can't enjoy this game because PS4 doesn't have blast processing.

  • Lily Flower 1 month ago

    Just started playing this, but boy does it seem clunky compared to God of War 4. Is it really worth getting into? Yeah?

  • Joaquin Gaute 1 month ago

    Bloodborne should get a sequel and it should come out for pc

  • marsel dagistani 1 month ago

    What do you say bloodborne movie.

  • King 445 1 month ago

    why is nobody mentioning the awesome music?

  • Hot CuppaTea 1 month ago

    HAHA! "YARN-HAM" XD!!!

  • Jack Sheehan 1 month ago

    Keep your insight low and your damage high

  • Krazy Mark 1 month ago

    I prefer darksoul series…. Bloodborne sometime it's just annoying how many dogs you can have at the same time

  • Jr Garcia 1 month ago

    Wrong this game is a masterpiece!!!!! It will go down in history as one of the greatest games ever created!!! 10/10

  • Robert 1 month ago

    No bad load times = 10/10