The full walkthrough for The Doctor Who Adventures: Blood Of The Cybermen episodic game from the BBC. Running at 1680×1050 maxed out. Running on:- …

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  • Pixel and Alex Vlog 1 month ago

    No way cyber man arm take it give it to me now please

  • LeanneVlogzFilmz 1 month ago

    They did a great job. I wish they did more of these

  • Shavonne Stellato 1 month ago

    Amy: Didn't you listen to anything i just said?
    The Doctor: No
    lol 🙂

  • xUSMC1945 1 month ago

    these bring so good memories

  • Marko Marko 1 month ago


  • Damian Freeman 1 month ago

    You'd think that they would have put an flv of the actual opening instead of using their lowest-budget cgi.

    Aside from that I actually find the graphics on this game charming, they remind me of old playstation one games like Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

  • Just Some Guy 1 month ago

    This video was uploaded on the day the universe was rebooted. 😀

  • harveyajh 1 month ago

    These games have a good, sometimes brilliant storyline, and I recommend watching them rather than playing them to be honest, for the gameplay is repetitive and somewhat boring as HELL.

  • metalslugunleashed27 1 month ago

    Why is Rory in none of these?

  • sweiland75 1 month ago

    Awful graphics and why didn't Amy change into something more weather appropriate?

  • Flavia Storrer Muller 1 month ago

    Not really if,he stored the power in a hand when Donna touches the hand a second doctor was created he did not regenerate at all.

  • John Smith 1 month ago

    David Tennant's Doctor regenerated twice. Only the second time turned to Matt Smith.

  • Vince Dizon 1 month ago

    it looks like iOS graphics but a little better

  • MrSnoopaloop503 1 month ago

    Matt smith really phoned in the voice acting

  • 8-Bit-Relic 1 month ago

    Wasn`t it the doctor portayed by Paul McGann?

    but anyway is this doctor not again the first doctor after he became reality again by the imagination of Amy… but how could he see some of his past incarnations…

    ahhh… who`s the watcher!

  • 8-Bit-Relic 1 month ago

    I don`t have an UK IP how can I get these games. I get always a link where I can buy these games but these links are always expired. Can somebody can get me a hind or do I have to drive 10 miles to have an UK IP?

  • Anonomous518 1 month ago

    How could a vehicle that can travel through time receive distress signals?

  • Nick Bonesteel 1 month ago

    **** windows 8 i wanna play doctor who DAMN

  • Cryer24597 1 month ago

    Ummm, the BBC made this you know?

  • Dejan Vezmar 1 month ago

    i love doctor

  • PsyrenXY 1 month ago

    Clearly British + compassionate = gay, to some people. Sigh.

  • shuddn 1 month ago

    Its like this is an actual episode

  • KingLudek 1 month ago

    When I try to install these It says I'm not connected t othe internet when I am. Any advice?

  • Ash19256 1 month ago

    There is a Doctor that has been somewhat forgotten. What happened to the Doctor of the Time War?

  • TiainPhoenix 1 month ago

    What do you mean 12th?

  • Ash19256 1 month ago

    12th, technically.

  • All Might 1 month ago

    What the fuck…?