Turn 10’s latest love letter to speed and style is a typically brilliant racer. Watch more IGN Game Reviews here!

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video rating: 4.40
duration : 5:13
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dislikes: 912

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  • JuergenGDB 23 mins ago

    Give me all the Blancpain Racing cars, all the WEC racing cars all within two years of game release and I would be happier, would be even happier if FORZA had more cool things like Real and accurate pit stops, more enduro challenges worth a damn. I just think Forza Motorsports should be 60% race cars, 40% production… while Horizon should be more like 80% production cars and 20% illegal race cars for the street.. but its a freaking video game.

  • Flare hi 23 mins ago

    This game is still more better than gt sport

  • Flamo 32 23 mins ago

    Forza 7 has no restart button or standing starts in local multiplayer don’t buy it

  • Kurkin 23 23 mins ago

    LUKE keep it up. Love the reviews by you.

  • Bailey Bailey 23 mins ago

    if i want to play spilt screen with my brother which forza should i get. 7, 6 or 5

  • Frank Theo 23 mins ago

    What is that accent?

  • A. Gy. 23 mins ago

    the movement does not look very realistic to me

  • andres 23 mins ago

    Haven't seen worse AI in any racing game..

  • Osama Ahmed 23 mins ago


  • Mohamed Buhdeima 23 mins ago

    Wtf there isn’t even put stops in this game lol

  • Akhyar Rayhka 23 mins ago

    Bad game 9.2/10 IGN

  • Steve Coates 23 mins ago

    Have they fixed the tracklist yet? It seems to be showing the same list as Forza 6?

  • 9.2 sure… what morons

  • LukeIsChilling 23 mins ago

    Man i think The Crew 2 would be better because it has airplanes and boats.

  • The Potato Captin 23 mins ago

    A 9.2/10 ?!!? This IGN review is trash.

  • pluggie 23 mins ago

    I still love this game

  • chazer 26 23 mins ago

    what is the music that is being used?

  • Which is better guys forza motorsport 7 or project cars 2

  • DL Beaven 23 mins ago

    '69 first year Pontiac Firebird Trans Am?

  • Skiddz Z 23 mins ago

    what is the best forza game ? i have a steering wheel and i would love to play a forza game but what one i was thinking of forza horizon 3 or forza motorsport 7

  • CloudCharlie 23 mins ago

    Currently debating buying Forza 7 or Assasin’s Creed Origins. Apples vs. oranges, but I’m interested in both and funds are tight.


  • Pooey Pete 23 mins ago

    You speak too quickly

  • jkl 931 23 mins ago

    The intro felt like he was racing slooowww down Jesus.

  • James Arthur 23 mins ago

    Worst edition of the motorsport series..possibly ever In my experience.
    Too many bugs, suicidal AI, and without an essay simply too many very peculiar and dimwitted features