2015 had plenty of good horror on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and more. Let’s talk about the best. What have you been playing? SUBSCRIBE: …

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  • Annie Sabian 3 weeks ago

    im looking for a horror offline game for pc any suggestion?

  • Michael Vx 3 weeks ago

    most of these game are way way byond my PC abilties 🙁

  • Fuzato furey 3 weeks ago

    Fnaf 1
    Fnaf 2
    Fnaf world
    Fnaf sister location
    Fnaf pizzeria simulator

  • Pooshan Aryan 3 weeks ago

    How was the Fear 3

  • The Silence Of Hell 3 weeks ago

    The silence of hell channel for horror games take a quick look

  • Hisham Salah 3 weeks ago

    Isaac Clarke
    Dead Space

  • maj klod 3 weeks ago

    zombi is so fucking shit , please dont buy this game if you're from 2017

  • NinthBeast20742 3 weeks ago

    Revelations should have been up there instead of revelations 2

  • QualitySound1993 3 weeks ago

    Hey, Hi. I need help.   I'm looking for a game. I don't know the name, or anything, but I do know that it was announced 3-4 years ago. The game genre was mystery, I think and the videos looked like it was some sort of abandoned world, but it was the past. I looked for 3 days in YT for mystery games, but all I get is detective games coming up. If you could help me, that would be very Appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  • tanish adarkar 3 weeks ago

    how is layers of fear a survival horror game

  • Grand theft auto fun andreas 3 weeks ago

    outlast is not in this list why?

  • HéLio RoDriGueS 3 weeks ago

    Five nights at freddy's series are one of the most overrated gaming series I ever saw. The games are so dumb, simplistic , super repetitive and not scary at all. The games are just predictable jump scares over and over again. Classify that games as survival horror its a massive joke. I don't understand why so many people love that shity games honestly.

  • Côme Roullet 3 weeks ago

    The best:dying light and the following tooo

  • Noah Stewart 3 weeks ago

    I want a game that will make me shit myself, not a fun to play horror game.

  • iwilleatyopussy 3 weeks ago

    This list is gay

  • ednei andrade dos santos andrade 3 weeks ago

    y love toy bonnie

  • Alfredo Pichardo 3 weeks ago

    Until Dawn is only worth playing once. Buy the game used

  • jonny jr 3 weeks ago

    i want somaa!!!!😃😵

  • xXkatXx 3 weeks ago

    Im just 10iers old

  • Princess Wolf 3 weeks ago

    ARE U FUCKING KIDDING ME ????? WHERE THE FUCK IS EVIL WITHIN ???????????????????????????????????ITS KING OF HORROR

  • PATRYKPTR 3 weeks ago

    Zombi is Dying Light copy ;3 and Dying Light is sooooooooooooooo better and awesomer ;DD

  • Flame Kazan 3 weeks ago

    Why not put outlast up there that's the scariest game I know

  • Tommaso Sirigu 3 weeks ago

    Good Start with Layers of Fear. That Game is even scarier with PSVR on ~¿~'

    Zombi is good but not on ps4, you have to play it on Wii U. Unfortunately I don't own it on Wii U (yet).

    Until Dawn
    "You decide who lives or dies." True, but depends entirely on personal Likes or Dislikes ( looking at you Emily 😈)
    Still have to finish that game though…..

    Dying Light
    Just one Word or more…..
    AWESOME!!! And again, I haven't finished it yet….

    Pretty surprising Title I have to say, similar to Alien: Isolation just Underwater.

    All in all very good List.

  • Rexx Vulgrim 3 weeks ago

    Yeah, the remake of the original Resident Evil is a good game, but the voice actors are still horrible.

  • Krazed Lion 3 weeks ago

    Fatal frame is really good

  • emiiee cx 3 weeks ago

    I need to play horror games