Dark Souls 3’s incredible world and awe-inspiring weapon arts make it the fiercest installment yet. ———————————- Follow IGN for more!

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  • deus ex 3 weeks ago

    Finally started playing Bloodborne after downloading it 2 years ago. I'm totally hooked and now I have to get this just to get my fix when I finish Bloodborne (in like 100 more hours or so I'm guessing).

  • Henokh Satrio 3 weeks ago

    So it's better than bloodborne?

  • savariaxa 3 weeks ago

    Dark souls 1 and Demon's souls are the best hand's down ☝️😊

  • Tyrant 3 weeks ago

    DS2 was much better. You can't even upgrade armor in DS3, and every fight is just designed to be an ambush. They designed this one to be difficult for the sake of being difficult with barely any tactics involved. After going back to play DS2 again and coming back to DS3, I was just bored.

  • Lenie Kotze 3 weeks ago

    if Dark Souls 3 is last
    then i can think the resin is all the PVP BAD GUYS PLAYERS THAT IS FAR WORST THEN TROLL PLAYERS
    and most adder players ask for PVP TO PVE ,,OPTION so you can still play only just no PVP so can
    get the items

  • AveragePerson#38 3 weeks ago

    They have learned that to critique Dark Soul for being hard is to critique a game for being fun

  • Ers Lope 3 weeks ago


  • JTT 2185 3 weeks ago

    Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3, the best of the best.

  • What are you doing playing this game? A nearby settlement needs your help, here let me mark it on your map.

  • Giles Brandon 3 weeks ago

    Dark souls 2 is the best in my opinion

  • Melvin Koyuncu 3 weeks ago

    Dark Souls 3 is the best Souls/Borne game yet.

  • 3h0archer 3 weeks ago


  • Tyler Felland 3 weeks ago

    Still one of my all time favorites. The combat mechanics in this game are top notch.

  • wildpenguin 3 weeks ago

    This game was fantastic in ways my mind can't fully comprehend. Everything was just perfect and engaging. Would actually give this a solid 10/10.

  • Milovan Castillo Soto 3 weeks ago

    a must have videogame.

  • ChiefRocka The 1 3 weeks ago

    Bloodborne is the best one still

  • Moon Man 3 weeks ago

    I understand some ppl enjoy a painfully difficult game but god damn the first souls game made me rage quit and snap the disc in half after about a week of playing… Just don’t think I can do it all over again lol

  • Dark Light 3 weeks ago

    Damn Frame rate

  • Happi Axxident 3 weeks ago

    Ugh. Spoiler heavy reviews. No thanks.

  • henry augustin 3 weeks ago


  • Ryshlova Noodo 3 weeks ago

    I'm waiting for this to go on sale on steam. It's 80$ right now with the dlc lol. Nobody is buying that they should lower the price.

  • Mr. SilentGamer 3 weeks ago

    Why am i watching this in 2018??😅

  • Timmy Girard 3 weeks ago

    You talk about this game like it's hard…

    IMO this is by far the easiest game in the series!!

  • Mantis Tabogan 3 weeks ago

    Don't you dare go Hollow

  • Donat Miletich 3 weeks ago

    My fav game 10/10

  • Hari Ashwath 3 weeks ago

    I'm new to this, but I clock about 150 hours in Bloodborne. I understand that combat in Dark Souls is different. Is it harder? Or does Bloodborne style combat help here?

  • marsel dagistani 3 weeks ago

    Why not make a dark souls movie

  • rina070b 3 weeks ago

    I hate camera views in this game.

  • isaac Heres 3 weeks ago

    Can you summon other players online from red markings left behind for a more co-op boss fights like I did in Dark Souls 2, or is this going to be straight up all on your own?

  • john j ninja 3 weeks ago


  • Chasing Chickens 3 weeks ago

    After playing Bloodborne for an extended period of time I felt alienated and molested by DS3, no quick dashes, no regain, no guns, no satisfying viscerals, Everytime you die you go hollow and makes you character look worse, some normal enemies are harder than the actual bosses themselves. But actually loved it all the same.

  • Illvuan 3 weeks ago

    Dark Souls 3 IGN review = 9.5
    Bloodborne IGN review = 9.1

    Dark Souls 3>Bloodborne

  • Mayank Sharma 3 weeks ago

    Why 9.5 ? U should give 10! Frame rate dips will not occur if u have a good pc

  • Deftones 26 3 weeks ago


  • SpunkDustbin 3 weeks ago


  • BasicHaddock4 3 weeks ago

    Nevermind, this game looks too hard