Taking a look at another classic NES game, this time one I hadn’t played before. Kirby’s Adventure is a side-scrolling platformer released for the Nintendo …

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  • Michelle L 1 month ago

    Weird the Score system did stay around when no one did care , How ever people did like the point system a lot if it was out of a set number are it was just the score system again. I was so mad at Mario World as Mario Kart tracks = worlds but for 1 so i was thinking that one was 100% vs 96%. i did spend like 10 years looking for it.

  • Arcader Kid 1 month ago

    the very first time, i ever played "Kirby's Adventure" was on a Game Boy.
    thanks to a dear friend of mine…. those were the greatest of times….
    anyways…. now, years later, a cousin of mine happens to just be giving away the game's
    that he is no longer wanting any more. And do to my surprise?

    He have given me "Kirby's Adventure" and…. this game, was a Hell of a Great Time Ever!!
    i enjoyed, every second of this game, when i was a kid. Now? it's been years since then.

    but no way, can i ever forget, those greatest times. It sure, was an Epic Adventure!

    Thanks, Kirby! For the memories.

  • marlb0r015 1 month ago

    The clawgame is funny the draw is kind of hard but still funny to.

  • sudicalwig 1 month ago

    Kirby is so much fun! colourful and innovative and with a great soundtrack! 🙂

  • Sameram 1 month ago

    Oh… I loved the claw machine, it's easy 1ups. But that's just my opinion anyway 🙂

  • Gavin Pickens 1 month ago

    I just picked kirby up for 10 dollars . I also have little samson with the box.

  • anarchisttomato 1 month ago

    Vectorman on Megadrive is a really interesting game if you're on the lookout.

  • Wilson Solt 1 month ago

    I would fault you for never playing kirby but then I remembered kirby is probably older than you lol.

    and the ufo power up is by far the best:)

  • DJCandyManMike 1 month ago

    Great, great game! One of the best on the NES! It's always a pleasure to play a game that is so much fun to go for 100% completion on. Far too many games get tedious long before you get that 100%, but this game never does.

  • Bobby Pirrone 1 month ago

    Actually never played this before either. Never played any Kirby game I don't think.

  • Guilherme 1 month ago

    A very beautiful and good game for NES made in the end of NES life… what a great game that i played, yes i was only 5 yrs old in 1993, but i played 🙂

  • Zero Knight 1 month ago

    Kirby's Adventure was actually the very first video game I've ever played. It's definitely one of my favorite Kirby games, but I will agree that it isn't the best. I've always loved the soundtrack, (especially Butter Building's theme) and I always go back to play it when I'm feeling nostalgic. By the way, there is actually a remake of the game for the Game Boy Advance titled "Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land," and that version has improved graphics, sound, and control, new mini-games, and even Meta Knight as an unlockable playable character. 🙂

  • Hezekiah Ramirez 1 month ago

    I think the visuals in this game are very underrated. Yes, it's an NES game. Got it. But it may be the most beautiful NES game there is. It could almost be a gen-one SNES game. It's just so damn pretty.

  • Jonathan Luciano 1 month ago

    yeah I like this game one of the few nes games I could actually beat

  • kirbyfan107 1 month ago

    Hey, I really enjoyed your review. I'm thinking of starting up my Youtube channel again by making a review for Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland. During my review; I will be mentioning Kirby's Adventure. I have a question for you.

    If I make my review; will I be allowed to use some of your footage for when I'm talking about Kirby's Adventure? I will make sure to give you full credit for those parts of the video. It's okay if you don't want me to; but it is much appreciated if you let me use it. Thank you in advance. 😉

  • Zeke Thompson 1 month ago

    Ah Good ol Kirby

  • Wil's VG Addiction 1 month ago

    I just came across your channel.  Pretty entertaining.  You're not pretentious like a lot of other reviewers.  Consider me subbed.  I only recently played Kirby's Adventure too.  It's now one of my faves on the NES.

  • Randomark3087 1 month ago

    Nice review. I LOVE Kirby!

  • GRUSS Newton 1 month ago

    Played a lot of kirby on the gameboy! Not played it in years though 🙂

  • Eduardo Gutierrez 1 month ago

    Kirby was a favorite of mine. While I love challenging and masochistic games, for me, few games are so, charming and charismatic that I let go the challenge and enjoy it. Kirby would have been perfect if it had difficulty setting and system though, like flying for few seconds, not being able to use them immediately, enemies(lesser) having hp and having to KO then before swallowing them.
    Kirby is the only character that can be pink, but you never question his sex, hes a dude XD

  • newwavejunkie 1 month ago

    I just discovered your channel and am already a big fan. Your reviews are fair and honest. Kirby's Adventure is one of my all time favorites. Keep up the great work!

  • jonnie scott 1 month ago

    Nice review.

  • Pirate Parrot 1 month ago

    Nice, solid reviews. Keep doing them 🙂

  • The Indie Ocean 1 month ago

    One of my favourite NES games. It's pretty easy but just fun and enjoyable to play. It also has remarkably good presentation. Considering the limitations of the NES, the visuals and sound in Kirby's Adventure are lavish. 

    I played it when it was new so it's interesting hearing your views on it as someone who didn't.

  • razinski821224 1 month ago

    Your videos are pleasant and informative!
    Looking forward to more reviews.
    Keep it up

  • I've been looking for this one forever!

    In my area I just never seem to see them 🙁

  • Replay Ability 1 month ago

    I've always liked this game. My personal favourite power is probably Laser…just love banking the shots off of angles to get enemies in unique ways, haha! One aspect I don't like about the game however is that sometimes the controls can feel 'squishy'…which sort of goes OK with Kirby, since he's a ball of…something squishy, haha! But I remember when I was playing NES Remix 2, the Kirby challenges were made trickier from the not-as-precise controls as, say, Super Mario Bros. 1/2/3.

    That said, it's still a wicked game that everyone should play!

    – Adam

  • Chronoslinger 1 month ago

    One of the few NES games I have beaten. I love it.

  • Ben Rai 1 month ago

    I always wanted to get in to more Kirby games. I have started this one a couple of times but always get sidetracked. I might get it on my Wii U and play it on the tablet.Still surprises me this came out in 1993.