In this video you can see my favorite legendary Lamborghini Gallardo in 10 different racing games with different editions. Special thanks to Paragleiber and …

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  • Akor _ 3 weeks ago

    Here is some more video which should be in it, but was not included by some reasons:

  • GSR Mugen 3 weeks ago

    Can you turn off the music please? We can't hear the cars

  • Raffi Joe Armstrong 3 weeks ago

    what a soundtrack on nfs prostreet gameplay

  • SURESH RV 3 weeks ago

    My only favorite car brand Lamborghini… Great driving skills

  • grkhunter123 3 weeks ago

    Nfs run for life. Nice!

  • d00mer 34 3 weeks ago

    gallardo was overpowered in Most Wanted but in Carbon they nerfed it to shit lol handles like a fucking brick.

  • Jonah Jameson 3 weeks ago

    No most wanted? Wtf

  • Matt814211 3 weeks ago

    this needs more views

  • ReSteel72 3 weeks ago

    А где MW(2006)? Там Гальярдо – лучшая машина в игре.

  • Bratt Shaw 3 weeks ago

    It was my fav car in the first few months playing the crew. 🙂 Nice vid and music, i got all nostalgic here, i should play some old fav titles! 🙂

  • 劉崧涵 3 weeks ago

    What do you think about the 2013 regular Gallardo? Which is not in this video.

  • AndasFS 3 weeks ago

    one of my favorite cars ever 🙂 Nice vid!

  • NFSARUnholy 3 weeks ago

    The choice of event could have been better on NFSHP, so we see more cornering in the thing, otherwise it's a pretty good video 🙂

  • Asamur 3 weeks ago

    Fantastic job! Personally, I'm not a Lambo guy, but from all, I'd choose the Superleggera too 🙂

  • Aleks Mamonov 3 weeks ago

    Спасибо, отличная подборка!)

  • MrAntennaBall 3 weeks ago

    Hehe! No shortage of Lambo Luv from you, I see.