I mean…I’m Chilled Chaos, king of men. How Scary could this be? Leave a Rating or a comment! They are free!

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  • Nick Clark 3 weeks ago

    oh the memories…

  • Carena Dittman 3 weeks ago

    Came looking for fetus chilled. Im not disappointed.

  • chii hasagi 3 weeks ago

    was he even looking for the notes xD

  • Ryn Drucker 3 weeks ago

    him panicking at the beginning makes me laugh

  • Kenzie Tensan 3 weeks ago

    Chilled did not look amused at the beginning. He looked annoyed as hell

  • Dark Killer Z 3 weeks ago

    I know how your feling about the HORROR GAMES

  • Cassidy Tucker 3 weeks ago

    0:36 did Chilled say 'HE has a flashlight' when he was talking about the character? Oh, silly Chilly Willy! The character is Kate; Slender's proxy once she dies after this game. Slender: The Arrival

  • Not Glenn 3 weeks ago

    You scared my skin away

  • Timothy Bell 3 weeks ago

    And once u find 1 note that is when he comes after u

  • Timothy Bell 3 weeks ago

    Such a baby

  • Tricia Humphries 3 weeks ago

    Play slender the arrival! It's actually got some story to it also!

  • Fawn Yama 3 weeks ago

    The entire time watching this I was just thinking, 'Slender doesn't even appear until you get the first note….' Which surprisingly got proven wrong around the ten minute mark when he saw him. I guess he took way to long xD.

    Dat ending though, I don't think anything can top that XD

  • Josh Adams 3 weeks ago

    Tell your mothers to keep there shit out of my forest!

  • Cloud,the master! 3 weeks ago

    Nostalgia. You got to love chilled.

  • MissRarity 3 weeks ago

    i got a heartattack! 😀 best slender vid ever

  • Louise Long 3 weeks ago

    Haha th don't ever go In the forist with out a gun I am 11 and I went in the forest by my self I ALMOST GOT RAPED DON'T EVER GO WITH OUT A GUN!!!!

  • Derp Trooper 3 weeks ago

    he said never turn around xD

  • Jake Sazama 3 weeks ago

    Chilled u always sound like u got panic ion ur voice

  • Helter Skelter1208 3 weeks ago

    Ten min and then he finds a note

  • PLSERAD 3 weeks ago

    "were not scared"…. 1 seconds later "ahhhh" totally not scared.

  • Neftaly Lopez 3 weeks ago

    How do you sleep xc

  • Jonathan Aldana 3 weeks ago

    Screw u emma

  • "Oh fuck oh fuck, ah I just stubbed my fucking toe" lol best part

  • john reyes 3 weeks ago

    can u please play watch dogs

  • jaketh54 3 weeks ago

    slender eats children

  • LOL 9:58 *SLAP* I'm okay, i'm okay

  • Rad Mohammad 3 weeks ago

    i like that for half of the video he didnt even find one of the pages

  • Rad Mohammad 3 weeks ago

    i watched the video how to make slender man not scary and it was awesome

  • Roguekriger 3 weeks ago

    I saw your comment and just waited for that part and holy shit I couldn't breath XD

  • Roguekriger 3 weeks ago


  • Dakota Snow 3 weeks ago

    Best ending ever! XD

  • Rosie M 3 weeks ago

    He so FUNNY

  • FoRealzy 3 weeks ago

    Dat ending dough

  • s a u c e c a r t i 3 weeks ago


  • Mudzo Jalal 3 weeks ago


  • Sharon Swart 3 weeks ago


  • ScrewyGrapes 3 weeks ago

    FINALLY!!! Someone who agrees with me!

  • ScrewyGrapes 3 weeks ago

    I'm sorry, I can't help it, Chilled is fuckin' adorable!

  • Julian Been 3 weeks ago


  • Julian Been 3 weeks ago

    More like chil chaos

  • Tobawesomeness 3 weeks ago

    15:10 Obviously, the Native American Aztecs were behind the British Stonehenge.

  • Mrherpis derpis 3 weeks ago

    that's just like saying the first time you saw a puppy, you got scared

  • SP33DY 3 weeks ago

    i think only one person made the game

  • Daniel Splan 3 weeks ago

    13:22 no definitely not scared


    the first time i played dis game i laughed when i saw slender he lookes like a strechy cotten bud

  • TheNeondubstep 3 weeks ago

    I don't understand why peeps gotta be so mean