Stasis Review: The Best Story Driven Horror Game of 2015 8.5 /10 I highly recommend Stasis to anyone who likes a story driven game.

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video rating: 4.88
time : 7:17
likes: 42
dislikes: 1

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  • Goosey Whispers 1 month ago

    great game a bit heavy on the reading though, it would have been nice to have some audio logs around to mix it up

  • Steven Lornie 1 month ago

    Why would anyone skip dialogue in a point and click? Is the modern gamer that stupid?

  • Timo Naaro 1 month ago

    I got this 40% off! btw. hyper light drifter is most nauseating sh*t from this side of games locked at 30fps :O

  • KS Chong 1 month ago

    Take a look at Hyper Rift – also a 'stranded in a spaceship with no memory' adventure game that will blow your mind 🙂

  • "The storyline goes from HOLY CRAP! to HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" xDDDD You made my day.

    This game is amazing, btw.