Is your favorite game in here? Check out PC’s 10 best shooters or FPS games since 2004. Whatoplay is your source of the latest, most anticipated and the top pc …

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  • M0h4med _Gaming1 3 weeks ago

    And people say TF2 is dying

  • S0NICH!N 3 weeks ago

    i just played Team Fortress 2 it was fun!

  • Jeff AND Jack 3 weeks ago

    y csgo #7? man these critics dont know a good game 😂
    Edit: Good thing Left 4 Dead 2 was on #3

  • Karl Hauser 3 weeks ago

    Every time you'd name a new game I'd wonder how you were going to top it. Well done.

  • CROCOMAN_YT Monteiro 3 weeks ago

    I have played plants vs zombies and I love it it's Cabinda cute as well and nice f bro yo I hate the rest and this guy that made the bid he is dead f

  • Which ones of these games r gud for 1-2gb ram pc with online mode????

  • Shubhra Tarot 3 weeks ago

    Please send me the highly compressed link of Call Duty Modern Warfare 4

  • Mohid Ahmed 3 weeks ago

    what's the playscore of rainbow six siege?

  • OSAMA THE 2ND 3 weeks ago

    Dude csgo is not intense csgo is full of campers and it's the most overrated game of the 21st century

  • PrizMa 3 weeks ago


  • Mohid Ahmed 3 weeks ago

    what's the playscore of call of duty:black ops?

  • Silenced 3 weeks ago

    How many GB have Counter Strike : Global Offensive?

  • Amaan Malik 3 weeks ago

    I don't like your video because there is no igi 2 on your video which is the best pc shooting game

  • Christian Rowbotham 3 weeks ago

    what about counter strike?

  • AKASH PADMAKUMAR 3 weeks ago

    nice video mate…..I appreciate your hard work.Keep it up

  • Itz.zhack 3 weeks ago

    my pc just can run tf2,

  • poonkuzhali s 3 weeks ago

    hey fucker csgo is 5 years old

  • Gaye Kitch 3 weeks ago

    hate this video:[

  • Plazmer 800 3 weeks ago

    What is the play score for undertale?

  • debasish jana 3 weeks ago

    funny how top 3 games from valve who don't know what is no 3

  • so many hats so little time 3 weeks ago

    tf2 da best!

  • Typhoonproductions 3 weeks ago

    A list without halo is a broken list

  • Yui TheNeko 3 weeks ago

    If I'm going to play Bioshock infinite…do I have to play Bioshock 1 and 2 first?

  • kakashi AMV 3 weeks ago

    far cry 3 and 4 ?

  • Luminox 3 weeks ago

    what is the playscore of Rocket league?

  • Highpinghero 3 weeks ago


  • Rahma Rasooli 3 weeks ago

    which game is 10.0

  • Gnarlyygaming 3 weeks ago

    just bought left for dead 1 and 2 for $5 on steam…. I love the steam sales :')

  • Zeus Zabati 3 weeks ago

    Blitz Brigade better than Team Fortress 2.. blitz brigade not trending cuz people didn't try this game, but blitz brigade same style as team fortress 2 but blitz brigade better than tf2 but bbg are have own roles too.. You might download Blitz Brigade and easy to play and download.. it's only 600mb ;).. wait better graphics too than tf2 and your low pc can run in better graphics

  • Grippy 3 weeks ago

    Where the hell is the GTA SAN ANDREAS