Hey everyone last week I counted down my favorite horror games from the 2nd and 3rd generation of consoles but now I am back to talk about my favorites from …

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  • john doe 2 months ago

    Super ghouls N Ghosts would be in my top 3

  • Mertcan Kandemir 2 months ago

    Guys hi.
    I am searching a game which ı was playing on my computer 15 years ago. It s a 16 bit game nes or snes i dont know. A horror game, 2d, its looks like Demons Crest but we control a boy who is trying to find his home, fighting with sketlons and zombies while back way home. Really graphics looks like Demons Crest but more detailed. We be able to go undergraund too.its not zombie ate my neighbor! Not capable to go z axis. İ am still searching for this game. Pls help me.

  • spoonshiro 2 months ago

    Clock Tower is an incredible game. So well done.

    and ZAMN is one of the best two player games ever made!

  • Peter K 2 months ago

    Great list, many games i didnt know about!

  • fumomo fumosarum 2 months ago

    What about Super Metroid..?

  • Im Caj 2 months ago

    There's a trophy requiring you to collect 5 coins from Decap Attack, one of the games featured in Sonic's Genesis Collection on PS3.

    I just love 16 bit games, I grew up with them. They need to come out with more old SEGA classics with trophy support. I would love to have a seperate list for Streets of Rage 3, Streets of Rage 1, Golden Axe III, Shinobi III and so on. I was disappointed neither Sonic the Hedgehog 3 or Sonic & Knuckles have their own trophy list, they are two of my all time favorite platformers after Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

  • Pimpzilla87 2 months ago

    Nice choices, I love Super Castlevania IV, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Demon's Crest, and Decap Attack. I played King of Demons and Clock Tower recently. Wasn't impressed much with King of Demons but really enjoyed Clock Tower.

  • werdman24 2 months ago

    Absolutely agree with Super Castlevania IV.

  • XxHordakxX 2 months ago

    i love nr 2. Also looks very good. Still nice to play.
    Nr1 is together with a link to the past my favorite SNES games.

  • Liz Negamoon 2 months ago

    Have you considered doing a top 10 horror games exclusive for PC? My favorites are Super Castlevania 4 and Clock Tower. It's a shame it never came here, just like Sweet Home. :/

  • tlaloc92 2 months ago

    Number one…Saw that coming a mile away 🙂 Could not agree more.

  • Sickboyy 2 months ago

    zombies ate my neighbors is one of my fav games of all time,never beat it in my childhood,but i took revenge a couple years ago,beat the genesis version,snes and even the european version 😛

  • Visser1978 2 months ago

    Nice list Mark,,

    Castlevania 4 is still my favorite Castlevania game.,

  • ScrapChild1979 2 months ago

    Super Castlevania. You can't argue that someone would consider this game, the tops.

  • Marius Amber 2 months ago

    It's interesting that the Japanese version of Decap Attack is completely different. It's based on a rather obscure Japanese anime Magical Hat, and the horror elements are pretty much gone from that one for the most part. I prefer Decap Attack personally for sure, as it has a better style/soundtrack + the lifebar makes the game easier thankfully. 🙂

  • YouTubePoopTrain 2 months ago

    zombie eat my neighbour is defo my 1 fav in the 16bit. can never get pass the worm boss for some reason

  • Christopher Galloway 2 months ago

    great list its hard to think of a series you didn't mention that's horror from this era.

  • Scott Laursen 2 months ago

    Hell yea! Super Castlevania!

  • Shadow9808 2 months ago

    While I don't agree Demon's Crest should be as low as 5, I chose to instead be thrilled it is 5th in a Top 10 at all; it ranks as one of my personal most beloved games of all time. That now said, how the Hell do you spell #8? I'm curious and want to see more, but not sure what I put in the search bar…

  • mhaid2000 2 months ago

    alot of these games look very interesting and I totally agree with number 1. it's a masterpiece. great video!

  • tranZeagle 2 months ago

    Really like the list.

  • Zicky Kane 2 months ago

    I too love Bloodlines, and its music rivals that of SC4, But I too would give the nod to SC4. Great list. 🙂

  • OmegaJackRed666 2 months ago

    Fantastic list man.

  • darkvare 2 months ago

    i knew castlevania 4 ould be number one lol the turbo grafx 16 of dracula X should have been in the mentions

  • Cornshaq 2 months ago

    Hey everyone thanks for checking out the countdown hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what are some of your favorite horror games from the 16 bit era as well as the 5th gen like n64 and playstation 1 I am going to be doing that countdown next week 🙂