The Party Chat Society asks: What video game series do you just find yourself collecting everything for? FOLLOW US Kelsey: …

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  • TheHardcoreMatt Brand2.0 4 weeks ago

    Resident evil because it holds a special place in my heart.

  • Darkshadow834 4 weeks ago

    For me, it would have to be The Elder Scrolls Series, it would be safe to say that I've spent in the High thousands collecting every little thing elder scrolls related, Arena's deluxe edition is my proudest purchase :')

  • EnD Cygnus 4 weeks ago

    Mine is very basic but I have just about everything Pokemon related.

  • Retrocidal 4 weeks ago

    so many to collect 🙂

  • Imperator Armin 4 weeks ago

    Even though dark souls if one of the newer series I collect everything for it, I simply love the lore and the fact that they are speaking shakespearian language in the game and comics.

  • Big Moneytalk754 4 weeks ago

    Kingdom hearts if course

  • Mike Pellegrino 4 weeks ago

    I collect anything Mother/EarthBound and Donkey Kong related. Well..anything I can afford anyway. I still don't have the guide and box for my EarthBound game :-/

  • Chad Hoover 4 weeks ago

    There isn't much out there but I have a poster, strategy guide, novel books and the EB Games/Gamestop DVD's which is just a video of Lionhead Studios and the making of Fable.
    Oh and if you didn't notice my YouTube picture is Fable!!

  • besho0sh Sh 4 weeks ago

    Dark souls

  • Dark Souls, I even went to the café in Tokyo.

  • Samuel Litvack 4 weeks ago

    why is the camera in the garbage for john riggs part lmao

  • psychology viewer 4 weeks ago

    Splinter Cell for me. My favorite genre is "stealth" games because of this series.

  • Youtube User 4 weeks ago

    Collecting for Cuphead ? That´s different. But different is good.

  • ShaolinGamer 4 weeks ago

    I thought his name was Aaron, who’s Riff?

  • Haidomii 4 weeks ago

    Metal gear solid!!!

  • GamerDan_FFC 4 weeks ago

    For me is Final Fantasy!

  • Pegasus Wrath 4 weeks ago

    Mario for me!

  • some native 4 weeks ago

    The series I collect everything for is the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise from the video games, to the cards, to figures, DVDs etc….

  • 4EverGameTherapy 4 weeks ago

    Mjr are you a satanist? Bcs the invert star in your logo.

  • clip calhoon 4 weeks ago

    Persona for life


  • Bryan Mayo 4 weeks ago

    silent hill, i have the games, comics, soundtracks (which are amazing), and shirts.

  • ROCKXGAMES 4 weeks ago

    The series that I used to collect the most for was the tony hawk series’s.. Those games were a huge part of my life for years. Now it would be sonic the hedgehog. Where my love for gaming started as a child on the genesis.

  • happyknappy14 4 weeks ago

    Deus Ex: Invisible War is a good game, I don't think it deserves all the negativity it gets.

  • Mark Slator 4 weeks ago

    Kelsey could collect my condoms

  • Jonathan Alnas 4 weeks ago

    Dead Rising collection my favorite out of the series but first game was more interesting of the story but STiP0 great guy that enjoys finding more Dead Rising 1 stuff (we really need the mall jacket)

  • shamanking48 4 weeks ago

    The Witcher series and final fantasy are the two I buy everything for. Lol I find I have bought a lot for hyperdimension neptunium as well. But mostly the Witcher series and final fantasy.

  • quantumleap80 4 weeks ago

    I love Project Zero/Fatal Frame…and everything of Okami! Best game for me 😍

  • Chris pippin 4 weeks ago

    The witcher

  • Jimmie Styer 4 weeks ago

    For me tomb raider. I try and own everything that comes out for it. Been a fan of it since the beginning on sega saturn. 🙂🙂

  • Spider Mcgavenport 4 weeks ago

    Not so much as a series but Conker's Bad Fur Day comes to mind on collection(s). I'd love for stuffed toys etc.

  • Matt Strake 4 weeks ago

    Riggs is like me with the Fire Pro Wrestling series. And now, Reggie will have to pick up the SD on Blu-Ray Star Ocean EX anime series from Discotek.

  • Julián Ramírez 4 weeks ago

    I collect everything Monster Hunter and cannot wait for Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for Switch.

    I also tried collecting all the Fatal Frame games but become frustrated when V only came to the west as digital and I also lowkey collect the Tomb Raider series.

  • dynatwenty 4 weeks ago

    I collect jrpg-games in genral. Much love for star ocean (except 5 was garbage). I persomally pick Final Fantasy over the tales of series. But i just buy games, im not much into figures and all that.

  • José Heitor 4 weeks ago

    Castlevania is my main collectmania, dam Konami burn in hell

  • roguecactus7 4 weeks ago

    The Fallout series.

    I had the original on PC and have collected every release since.

    Ahh, the days of CD-ROM. ✌️

  • sproston33 4 weeks ago


  • mrblond750 4 weeks ago

    Great video! Where is Anna?

  • ZeldaRu 4 weeks ago

    Wether it’s Pokémon, final fantasy or chrono trigger. I collect retro things I like. Can’t just choose one.

  • Leon Churchill 4 weeks ago

    I collect everything animal crossing too.

  • Ahwan Sh 4 weeks ago

    Metal gear solid 😎💙

  • PMDallasArt 4 weeks ago

    I love the Dead or Alive Series and Gran Turismo

  • I absolutely have to have everything Fallout!

  • Scarlet Spider 4 weeks ago

    If I could afford to collect something it would definitely be Castlevania games and merchandise.

  • Michael Tillery 4 weeks ago

    i collect everything for the kingdom hearts franchise

  • Kamakaze Ekun 4 weeks ago

    Always been a huge fan of Zelda. I have picked up each entry of the series, the entire manga series, a few complete gatchpon sets, amiibos, plushies, players guides ECT. And now I'm seeking out the boxes and manuals for each game and picking up all the rereleases.

  • hbarudi 4 weeks ago

    Animal Crossing and Zelda for nintendo side of things and star ocean?
    Star ocean looks like an interesting series to look at on vita and 3ds virtual console.
    But what about pokemon? The gotta catch em all (collect the games and other pokemon stuff)?

  • Anthony XD 4 weeks ago

    Also figures and statues for resident evil and shirts hats ex 3ds huge fan here cx