In this episode of Suggestive Gaming’s “In RETROspect”, we cover Cyberflix’s highly unknown game “Titantic: Adventure out of Time”. WARNING: Josh loves this …

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  • EuanEchidhog 2 months ago

    While I never owned the game, I was able to borrow and play it on my old Windows 95 laptop back in 97. Never got too far on it due to being stumped on one of the clues (the one involving the Turkish bath). Only wished I owned the physical copy of it back then, but at least now I own it on Steam.

  • Célian 2 months ago

    Beyond its cult following, the main legacy of this game are the countless kids who grew to become Titanic enthusiasts – or even historians – by simply playing it. Mission accomplished, I guess.

    By the way, at 04:55, you mention the ship illuminated by the moonlight. It does indeed look very bright, but there was actually no moon that night.

  • Jared Porikos 2 months ago

    loved this game and i still love it ! . Honor and Glory looks like the 2018 version and couldnt be happier

  • Ivy Ramirez 2 months ago

    I know this has nothing to do with this but, will you ever do a summary (everything you need to know) on danganronpa V3: killing harmony? I hope you will :3

  • Frank Heinrich 2 months ago

    Is this different from the 6 disc virtual Titanic tour I could never get to work on my parents computer?

  • Josh Picard 2 months ago

    Oh hey cool I love this game. This guy feels pretty much the exact same way I do about it

  • TheVoxxification 2 months ago

    Haven't been able to make the streams but I've been waiting for this!

  • Acharya Amit 2 months ago