Games List: 5º- V-Rally 3 ; 4º – Need for Speed – Underground 2 ; 3º – Crash Nitro Kart ; 2º – F-Zero GP Legend ; 1º – Mario Kart Super Circuit. Songs : MK2 …

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  • DavidJ SkateTV 3 weeks ago

    are these your personal favourites or the generally best ones?

  • Posta mais videos

  • Sandra Rocha 3 weeks ago

    Qual a musica da intro

  • Mario Kart Super circuit was such a fun game back in the days 😛 remember playing it for hours straight until my mom had to take my GBA away to actually let me get some sleep. hehe. Now, im making countdown lists myself and would like to know if they are any good. If you could have a look and maybe provide me with some tips on how to grow my channel that would be simply awesome! Thank you! Oh, and subscribe for cookies!

  • Voltou

  • Felipe Alves Gomes 3 weeks ago

    The Legend is back

  • TRIGGER GAMER 3 weeks ago

    5 game is best

  • TRIGGER GAMER 3 weeks ago