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  • Pop013 1 month ago

    ahhh nostalgia.

  • Nicholas Ostrom 1 month ago

    Still have the disc for this game! loved playing when I was a kid.

  • supergauchito 1 month ago

    This one came with my "multimedia kit"… very good memories!!!

  • edfdsfsd dsgfdsgsd 1 month ago

    I played this so much with my friend

  • Pablo Patricio M. 1 month ago

    you is wore player the fatal racing in America. It's is true.

  • GamerGee 1 month ago

    Whiplash 3d. On the Dione monster 3d. Good memories. Anyone play online. I'd love to play against some good people.

  • Lokani Entertainment 1 month ago

    I got this game in 6th grade…from the Scholastic book buyer thing.  Soooooooo much time spent with this one and the music: AMAZING!

  • zekk vot 1 month ago

    the blue car was always my favourite coz of it's top speed and gort was like my best buddie 🙂

  • Herr Bert 1 month ago

    ohhhh myyyy….. i played this soo much.

  • Philhouse88 1 month ago


  • mistamontiel00 1 month ago

    Ex Marineassasin.


  • Manute Bol 1 month ago

    Tha fuck ! Just to play a lot the share of this game!

  • TheGamingPegasus187 1 month ago

    I own this, my buddies fiances mother gave this to me a few weeks ago, along with Sim City 2000. I'm gonna have to pop this in now

  • HeineHouseEntertainment 1 month ago

    Dont be silly.. I LOVE YOU!!

  • Jeremy R 1 month ago

    I love you Jason.

  • Jonathan Sin 1 month ago

    This game looks sweet, even now. Gonna have to check it out!

  • Herr Bert 1 month ago

    yeah, same time like screamer and high octane. i liked them all, good times. very experimental but solid.

  • sneskegagama 1 month ago

    He also Announces Excitebike 64

  • Gameplay and Talk 1 month ago

    Looks great! This is one I saw all over the place in the mid '90s, but I never did get to try it myself.

  • arcadeimpossible 1 month ago

    I used to play the shit out of this game! Thanks for doing this man. 🙂

  • MetalJesusRocks 1 month ago

    I loved this game back in the day! And it's cool to see a new racing review from The Master 🙂

  • AFIDD21 1 month ago

    Great Vid as always. Looking forwards to next AGG !

  • Tonytiger 1 month ago

    Play it + awesome..

  • Marcelo Valente 1 month ago

    I LOVED that game, o the memories

  • lildopDOTcom 1 month ago

    Gremlin was in my local city center! My brother used to be a tester there 😀