Movies To Video Games Reviews Review #69 Last Action Hero, DOS/PC Version, is fully reviewed and analyzed as compared to the actual movie itself.

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  • nazish arshad 1 month ago

    transformers movie game please

  • ProMonarchyGenius 1 month ago

    Definitely this game is incomplete. Such a shame really because it could have been a good game if it was finished. The PC MS-DOS version of Last Action Hero had potential to be better than the SNES version

  • niko spinella 1 month ago

    review dennis the menace for the super nes

  • WusspoppinJimbo 1 month ago

    Could you review Meet The Robinsons for the GameCube/Ps2/Wii/PC?

  • Nicolas Pajuelo 1 month ago

    Review rio for wii xbox 360 ps3 pc

  • The Odd One 1 month ago

    Looks like the first two GTAs.

  • TCgamerboy2002 1 month ago

    Has there ever been a bad movie that had a good video game adaptation?

  • mistermister98 1 month ago

    Yes! First like and comment!