Happy Birthday Sonic Adventure.

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  • Bloodlyshiva 1 month ago

    Question for the gallery: Would you say the time-flipping in Sonic CD could be considered a form of Chaos Control?

  • Hellou6677777777uu And jimmy 1 month ago

    My fact is opion

  • Angle Tea 1 month ago

    10/10 best game and best game review

  • SquigglyDigg 1 month ago

    This is probably the single most entertaining and mind-blowing breakdown of Sonic lore I've ever seen. I think I'm in love.

  • YupimonEvolve 1 month ago

    How did Amy get vored, digested and turned into fox feces?

    Well if you must know, she caught a ride with Tails.

  • Jt The Red 1 month ago

    Generic support comment

  • DeadPistolsBrainGerms 1 month ago

    You need to review Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. I really don't care if it's the OG or the remastered version, but you need to review it.

  • AtomicjakeX 1 month ago

    Did you really expose yourself to all that sonic like you said at the beginning?, wait dont tell me you ate at sonics as well when making this?

  • Radodon 1 month ago

    God dammit this is actually just the fucking best video ever

  • Supercatsgomoo meow 1 month ago

    This is just impressive.

  • When is part 2??

  • FUNKY SKELETON 1 month ago

    Flicking the bean makes eggman a mean, lean, peen eating machine.

  • James Hurricane 1 month ago

    And to add to your "Sonic is The Ultimate Life Form" Theory and the question of "Why was shadow able to maintain a super form?" Every time Shadow turns super, he looks way paler then super sonic. As seen in this photo from SA2B.

  • "Why does Amy say she caught a ride with Tails?"

    i think im the only person in this world who wants an answer

    tailamy OuO

    kill me

  • Task1000 1 month ago

    Somebody, get this guy in front of a crowd!

  • ding deldoggo 1 month ago

    pt 2 needed

  • Avi Haltmann 1 month ago

    I fucking love how you phrased it as a fucking deathtrap

  • Tara Burris 1 month ago

    Im so fucking hyped for part 2

  • The Rival 1 month ago



  • Johan Cordero 1 month ago

    I want my part 2 baby

  • Lamar Lemieux 1 month ago

    How come not many people saw this video yet?

  • MapleMilk 1 month ago

    Nothing to see here folks,
    just a typical epic gamer Sonic Adventure 2 Battle review.

  • Kid 50 1 month ago

    Wow that dislike ratio.

  • Cryo Phobica 1 month ago

    What the fuck

  • Michael Mckay 1 month ago

    I appreciate you trying to clear up all the inconsistencies, and you did so very well. However, there are a few things that are still unexplained. Other than how Amy got to the Island, how come there is a NASA space shuttle stored in a pyramid? Did Eggman steal it or was it stored by G.U.N? When Sonic uses Chaos Control to get out of the capsule, why is Knuckles just walking around the Ark? He just got done restoring the Master Emerald, shouldn't he be back on Angel Island?

    You mention that in the japanese version of the Radical Highway recap, Shadow alludes to the possibility Sonic was taken in to cover up Shadow's existence, but according to this video, he doesn't even mention Sonic, only saying that the police force must be joking if they think they can stop him.

    To say that the story is awful wouldn't be truthful, but a couple of mistakes are still present throughout the story, so it wouldn't be truthful to say that the game "has no plot holes". However, the story in a game is not the you play a game, it's the gameplay. Fortunately for SA2, I think it does well enough in that area to make up for it.

  • Kirbysmith64 1 month ago

    Khonjin, you are the true MVP. You have not only explained almost every perceived plothole of SA2, but you've helped me see this game and what it stands for in a whole new light.

    …Also, Amy being on Prison Island can be explained by the fact that she dabbles in witchcraft and the occult.

  • Pirate Popplio 1 month ago

    That was, DEEP!!!

  • ASaiyanNamedJade 1 month ago


  • Cassandra Mondazzi 1 month ago

    I've literally played the game at least three times and I've never caught on to most of this stuff, A+++ review

  • KillerHat79 1 month ago

    Damn that's cool

  • sckalez 1 month ago

    amy lied about how she got to prison island, because she still has those tarot cards telling her where sonic is and doesnt want to seem crazy

  • baraksha1 1 month ago

    So…if Sonic and Shadow are both experiments does that make them bros? and if so does that make Sonadow incest?

  • JJ Frunkington 1 month ago

    shadow is a hedgehog because gerald based him off of the hieroglyphics depicting super sonic in hidden palace zone

  • Christopher Huff 1 month ago


  • Doru Mon 1 month ago


  • AE Universe 1 month ago

    But that's just a theory

  • Toby Dominguez 1 month ago

    I'm only here for his voice and snazzyness.

  • Portal Freak 1 month ago

    Song at 10:38?

  • FastMax 1 month ago

    reviewing like five levels of the game

  • Gumby's Archives 1 month ago

    I think it’s cool how the ultimate life form’s transition from the big Biolizard to Shadow the Hedgehog reflects how reptiles and dinosaurs once ruled the Earth. They were the “ultimate lifeforms” of their time, and once they all died, small mammals took over.

  • slyravio 1 month ago

    Why his legs comprised of 7 chaos emeralds OH SHIT