Details presents our 2015 XBox One Racing wheel buyers guide. This guide contains 5 different wheels to choose from. Two from Thrustmaster …

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  • Angel Valderrama 1 month ago

    Does the paddle shifters work on the Ferrari one

  • The Wheelman 1 month ago

    Great and informative

  • YUNG iiX-Bucklebum-Xii 1 month ago

    I need a compact stand that can go away can i have some recommendations

  • ivan moody 1 month ago

    Its not pronounced 458 its pronounced four five eight only non car lovers call it four fifty eight

  • Alabama Jackable 1 month ago

    But the main question is does any of them come with air-bags?

  • Armyracer 0 1 month ago

    Is it just me getting annoyed when he says Ferrari four fifty eight instead of 458

  • Julio Herrera 1 month ago

    what is force feedback?

  • STEVEIBOI TV 1 month ago

    Dose it work for a Xbox one s??

  • DarkSwam56 1 month ago

    The 458 Spider is under $100 you say? my country, it's a $199 wheel. Fking ridiculous! And i need to bust out at least $350+ for an entry level wheel that has force feedback. So nope no thank you. People gotta stop looking down on budget wheels because people like me, because of the pricing, don't give a shit anymore abt having force feedback and all that other stuff..I'm a casual gamer that enjoys sim racing and i'll just be happy with what i have.

  • King Borrelli 1 month ago

    The thing I liked about the mad catz is how the paddle shifters have two per side

  • Evol Bartley 1 month ago

    Can I please get a gaming wheel old are new,I am 13 years old and I like games but my parents don't have money to spend on games,please if there is anyone that can give me a old or new gaming please contact me on my email at([email protected]) please….😥😢

  • appleipodtouch2g 1 month ago

    Damn, really just wish I could use my 360 wheel. Please microsoft, PLEEEEEEASE

  • Alexis Morin 1 month ago

    Do hou need a kinect ? Or only plug it in your xbox and it ll work ?

  • Alan Johnston 1 month ago

    what wheel is compatible with the Xbox one s

  • BlazingFastPulse 123 1 month ago

    is it possible to play gta v or any other games like gta v on xbox one using the ferrari 458 spider steering wheel?

  • Redy Wolf 1 month ago

    i got the logitech g920 with the gear shifter

  • Chicago1 1 month ago

    So your screwed if you want a 3 pedal for the Thrustmaster? Only a 2 pedal?

  • Sylvia Rodriguez 1 month ago

    Chapter one: The vanishing of wheel buyers

  • Maximus 1 month ago

    The ferrari one looks horrible

  • Abhilash Jr 1 month ago

    How do you connect it with Xbox one? USB cable?

  • Ashton Wiggins 1 month ago

    I just switched from Ferrari 458 spider wheel to Logitech g920

  • Picked up the G920 for £135 down from £300 on Black Friday

  • ciaran o mairtin 1 month ago

    Can u play farming simulator 17 with Eny of this wheal

  • Nismo_Neanderthal 1 month ago

    Hi, I'm looking for one with a clutch, brake, and gas pedals and a wheel with a shift knob or paddles that works on the Xbox one.

  • DRFT3R5 TM 1 month ago

    2:00 mine has Force Feedback tho

  • Ferrari Fire 1 month ago

    0:22 look at the man on the lefts face!

  • Dennis G. 1 month ago

    Will any of those wheels work on the Xbox 360.

  • clorox bleach 1 month ago

    All my friends have Xbox one but I want ps4 for wheels

  • i own a lambo… lol

  • Braden perdue 1 month ago

    The tx is nice but the reaction time is bad I like the Logitech g920 because it is around 259$ now and the shifter is around 50$-60$ and the reaction time isn’t perfect but it is faster than the tx

  • Braden perdue 1 month ago

    Logitech 920

  • Joe TheHitman 1 month ago

    Force feedback wheels last gen were cheap like a little over 100usd. Why in dead fuck hell are they now 300 to 400usd with the force feed back. Wheels cost more than the damn console lol.

  • kyleplier 1 month ago

    Also you do realize most of us have a wireless headset for our consoles and PCs. For Xbox I have the Turtle Beach stealth 420x it was all I could afford at the time, for my PS4 Pro I have a Turtle Beach stealth 500p which I've had since I had my original PS4. I have both an Xbox One S and a PS4 Pro and I have full intentions on upgrading to the Xbox One X and building a new PC. If I had my choice on headset however I would get the Astros A50

  • kyleplier 1 month ago

    For my Xbox One, I have in my Amazon wishlist on Amazon the TX integral plus the TH8A gearbox. And I actually found both of these units without doing any prior research. I like the design of the racing wheel in general and I like the gearbox. I actually went off the technical specifications and the overall functionality. Plus one of the advantages of a physical gearbox like this, is the fact that you can go directly to the Gear you need to make a corner in Forza Motorsports 6 or any other simulation Forza game.

  • Turbo ZM 1 month ago

    Can you use a add on shifter with the Ferrari 458 spider wheel, if so which one?

  • Block Dude 1 month ago

    So I can use a g27 shifter with the Ferrari spyder wheel right?

  • YouTube Boss 1 month ago

    I'm probably going to get the 458 spider wheel cuz

    1. I'm not a millionaire

    2. I just want something to start out with

    3. Cmon it's a Ferrari steering wheel who doesn't like Ferrari's

  • GoldenPlazma 56 1 month ago

    I got a Logitech G920

  • Mike Gozinta 1 month ago

    Note: the V2 base is now upgraded to V2.5.  Price is $100 lower than what the V2 was but it's still $500.

  • Mike Gozinta 1 month ago

    Correction: The Fanatec V2 has a one year warranty.  Bought mine on Feb 1 2016.  Main motor died on July 5 2017.  Fanatec said it is no longer covered under warranty.  Shipped it off to their Cali repair shop.   I love their stuff but was disappointed in this failure so soon.   Waiting to hear about my repair cost.

  • Designing Redstone 1 month ago

    The 458 spider works for xbox one s ?

  • Yourockman666 1 month ago

    Is the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel for Xbox One compatible with NASCAR Heat Evolution?

  • Flight Simmer 1 month ago

    Lol I found the g920 new for 299$ in my local tech store.

  • abcr7 alwan 1 month ago

    is it for xbox one only or compatible with xbox360

  • Viggo Lysholm Runge 1 month ago

    I have hori Racing wheel

  • Brendan Highway 1 month ago

    Very helpful! I did not know the differences when trying to decide which one to buy on my own, let alone all the ones that were available. Thank you very much. Is there an updated list for 2017?

  • Nick Crawford 1 month ago

    It's not 458, it's 4-5-8

  • Ezra Leitheiser 1 month ago

    Will some work for GTA 5?