This game just keeps changing and evolving but does that mean it’s gotten better? Let’s jump back into No Man’s Sky to check out the NEXT Update and see if …

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  • DreamcastGuy 2 weeks ago

    This game just keeps getting better but I dont think it has gotten truly GREAT yet. Thanks for watching and liking this re-review and let me know what you think of it!! 😀

  • WenExplosion 2 weeks ago

    I only played for like 10 minutes but the first planet I got in was empty… except for some eggs that if you destroy them bugs monsters comes out to attack you. aside from that, the planet didn't feel empty, but rather dead 😀

  • Lena And Kids K 2 weeks ago

    Astroneer meets warframe and fortnite homebase

  • Cosmic Achilles 2 weeks ago

    so question, if me and my friend buy this game is their a way we can play together like base together, worked together etc. or do we have to find eachother?

  • William Cook 2 weeks ago

    Game has been two year in making and not anything really worth a second glance…. Yes it still sucks….nothing has changed for a real different and really what was expected…. if you wanna play this game… look up how to get to the end in 15 mins. Videos. I'm still wanting to know how they got out of the lawsuit…

  • EndlessSurge 2 weeks ago

    I never played the original and i fucking love this game.

  • Betho Vhen 2 weeks ago

    is multiplayer worth it?

  • darkchevalier 2 weeks ago

    The game is neither good nor bad, just relies on personal preferences, so pointing out it's a "crap" that's just an opinion.
    I tried it before and after the next patch and it's still not something I could play long, probably as grinding is not my cup of tea and I prefer games similar to Myst(for those who know that game), but indeed it has got some improvements since the release.
    You cannot pretend to find enemies everywhere, as it's all about exploration, but surely some factions, or maybe a space station for meeting other players and going for special expeditions/planets could help the mmo experience now there's even the 3rd person camera.

    There're way too many action mmos out there, so yes NMS is far from being perfect, but if it's also worth of trying at least once, or to continue playing it if you like the genre.

  • Adam Daruk 2 weeks ago

    The thing i want the most is animals and planets actually being unique and that the animals interact with each oder.

  • Dank Blue 2 weeks ago

    I remember when it first came out I was searching for a person for hours, glad it's multi-player now!

  • George 2 weeks ago

    I never had the lag and crash problem

  • Noodle Fish 2 weeks ago

    lol Console Peasant problems

  • Aventus 2 weeks ago

    It has never crash for me

  • Conti Music 2 weeks ago

    Awesome, did you ever give my music a listen? Liked and followed, thank you!

  • kreemkrackered 2 weeks ago

    The most boring piece of trash I've ever played

  • Oh hi Mark 2 weeks ago

    The multi-player was shoehorned in. You can tell they didn't intend for this to be a multi-player game. For example, you can't share a base, you can't share quests, can't share a freighter, can't share loot. Also, there isn't really any "adventures" you can go on with a friend. The core gameplay is a grind fest centered around mining for resources till you run out of inventory space, and then selling your shit. Most of the time all the people you're playing with will all be off doing their own shit because there is literally no incentive for players to work together. Not to mention multiplayer is broken right now, disconnects and crashes up the wazoo.

  • Timothy Danelle 2 weeks ago

    A nigga wanna fly in space

  • Devan Hale 2 weeks ago

    so do you still have to fuel your miner tool instead of it having fuel?

  • RMX ch3Ry 2 weeks ago

    Go into creative

  • darthdude sith 2 weeks ago

    why are all next gen games so cartoony?, are they cutting corners on textures like dishonoured? I thought with the advent of next gen, games would look amazing but I gotta say they have all been a major underwhelming disappointment, now it's just a platform for indoctrination and agenda pushing and money grabbing becuase fuck you slave, gimme your money and get back to work.

  • donkirot samy 2 weeks ago

    The game looks so empty…it doesn't give anything attractive to look at or to play to. Honestly looks so repetitive and boring

  • jack the ripper x 2 weeks ago

    Ty u have been very helpful

  • Toy Boy 2 weeks ago

    i know you dont wanna hear this but if crashed are constant then get a pc with a more powerful processor hell you can ever get a ryzen apu with vega 8 graphics and also play on a higher framerate, almost none of the software issues you listed never happen on pc

  • BananaMan 2 weeks ago

    look heres a mini review:
    first: now you can customize your character and make it look funny (i have a dwarf tiger frog)and then laugh with ur friends about u being balls (idk why this happened but we became floating balls for some time XD) they have added multuplayer but that doesnt mean u have to have friends MAKE NEW FRIENDS!
    second: every planet not only feels REAL it als feels unique like i have encountered a mostly ocean planet and started building an underwater base (but then got a land manipulator and built a bunker underground XD) and everything was radiated and toxic and there swere storms and the creatures were like super creepy underwater like they evolves to survive in these places and the creatures on land had hard shells and would moatly roam around water
    third:now it feels way nore better in the sence that harvesting minerals isnt just grinding ITS SURVIVAL like u have to get alot of carbon to build a base on my planet before a storm fucks u up (or u hide underwater like a scaredy cat aka me XD)and u get carbon for fuel and u need to get carbon for ur tools (yeah i do cansume alot of carbon)and then u go to space and trade all ur fucking money FOR A MULTI TOOL BUT THEN A COOL SHIP THAT U HAD THE EXACT AMOUNT OF MONEY FOR LANDS TWICE (YEAH 2)ONLY TO MAKE U FEEL MORE BAD

    in the end,good game guys

  • jude Jameson 2 weeks ago

    Does nobody talk about the features they straight up lied about?

  • meechp123 2 weeks ago

    No, it’s great now with plenty of room to grow!