The new Halo arcade game is 45 minutes of four-player fun – like Halo re-imagined as a fireworks spectacle. Halo Infinite Reveal Trailer (Halo 6) – E3 2018: …

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  • TheKidSix 2 weeks ago

    Just freaking out when I saw this at Dave & buster's today. If your a halo fan. It's worth your time !!! Loved everything about it !

  • Halo in an arcade is already a 9.9/10 in my books.

  • Pinhead Larry 2 weeks ago

    I’d give it an 8/10. The game did feel like I was playing a Halo game, although it did have some flaws but they were minuscule.

  • The Doc 2 weeks ago

    Tbh I would’ve said 7/10 on this when experiencing it myself so the review is pretty accurate

  • Actualyolo 2 weeks ago

    I want to play this so badly

  • BNKS AUDIO GROUP 2 weeks ago

    They coulda made this 10x's better.

  • Nakia Holmes 2 weeks ago

    watch out halo infinite.

  • セイヤーズSAM 2 weeks ago

    Can't wait to try this when it's available at way more places

  • William G 2 weeks ago

    Played and finished this deal last week. It's actually one of the best arcade experiences I've had in years. Highly recommend going to check it out. It's easily better than a 7.3! More le a 9.

  • Neal H 2 weeks ago

    cannot find it in the psn store – is it a timed exclusive ?

  • mikuhatesducks leek lover 2 weeks ago

    Light gun op af plz nerf and boost pricing.

  • Garfball 2 weeks ago

    "Its a spectical worth revisiting an arcade for and it's high cost per run is tolerable because its something you'll likely only want to play through once" What? Is it worth replaying or not?

  • Magnum 2 weeks ago


  • Ben Kai 2 weeks ago

    Did you just say I C O N I C!?

  • Quintin Miller 2 weeks ago

    So I guess YouTube knows I went to D&B for the very first time in my life and played this game..just this week….I didn't embrace the conspiracy of phone microphones always being on but I'm coming around.

  • Abram Anguaino 2 weeks ago

    Looks fun tbh

  • TheEvilPanda 2 weeks ago

    Is there halo music? Like the main theme?

  • Chas Duren 2 weeks ago

    Dave and Busters. Never heard of that console. lol

  • Fruitwoops fruit 2 weeks ago

    6/10 IGN, to much halo and not enough arcade

  • Enclave Comms 2 weeks ago

    >halo 4 music

  • PaladinPower 2 weeks ago

    It is a arcade game…

  • Reginald Uy 2 weeks ago

    I would have preferred a more free gun like Time Crisis than a mounted one, but the fact that they even made one gets me hyped up

  • MrChapmanification 2 weeks ago

    Why in God’s name is the gun not shaped like The battle rifle?!

  • bob jack 2 weeks ago

    No one wanted this bs 343 fails again 2/10

  • MrEvan1932 2 weeks ago

    It basically recycles a lot of the models from Halo 3

  • EmoMexican 2 weeks ago


  • Andrew Neeley 2 weeks ago

    I feel like they only reviewed this as an excuse to go to Dave and Busters, I mean really… was anyone really asking for this

  • Bluebird Booby 2 weeks ago

    Ryan lost all his credibility, this review means nothing.

  • Cyro XVX 2 weeks ago

    IGN… I feel like your reviews are just getting worse and worse. On everything.

  • Zero Vanromeo 2 weeks ago

    This is the best they can do at 2018?

  • Markus Chief 2 weeks ago

    Who would say… there was a time when Arcades had always the best graphics, a we had to just content ourselves with the ports of games for consoles while feeling envy of the big machines….
    Now they look as past generation graphics when compared to current-gen consoles…

  • Daniel Garcia 2 weeks ago

    Although he says it's a high cost game at D&B it was only 8.8 credits per life which was cheaper than some of the plain old arcade games you're used to seeing at other places which was at 10.5 credits

  • d e a t h d r e a m 2 weeks ago

    It would be even more incredible if it was just one giant curved like screen.

  • BinariE VisioN 2 weeks ago

    No battle rifle?!? How dare you!

  • stratogustav 2 weeks ago

    This is probably the best Halo game ever made. Lightgun games are simply the coolest and most satisfying. As far as I'm concerned all FPS should become lightgun games.

  • Tyler D. 2 weeks ago

    Omg I would play this so hard.
    I would literally take my girlfriend to the movies every single weekend just to play.
    If my movies would even get one.
    And if I even had a girlfriend );

  • Scott Brennan 2 weeks ago

    I've played this.. im sorry its terrible.

  • UttR Concrete 2 weeks ago

    Ryan looks like Dutch Boy from the fox show the shield

  • SHADOSTRYKR 2 weeks ago

    Did Ryan crank up the "nasally annoying" knob on his voice for this video?

  • Fred Behrend 2 weeks ago

    Where can I find this in Texas???? NVM, we have two D&Bs in San Antonio.

  • bmx7596 2 weeks ago

    Alien Isolation 5.9 too much stealth.

  • Mitchell Makuch 2 weeks ago

    What if the new halo game was just gonna be an arcade only game and everytime you put a dollar or something in the machiene it just stole it and never gave it back

  • Lee Rochester 2 weeks ago

    And, this was reviewed why? Lol

  • gipro1 2 weeks ago

    Wtf is this?

  • Leon Columbine 2 weeks ago

    Ryan claimed that it isn't his job to not get excited by the games he reviews after he massively hyped up the first Titanfall.

    It is his job. He is a critic. You need to be critical. You can't be critical when you're overhyping something.