Watch the newest gameplay trailer showing off how World War Z harnesses the power of Saber Interactive’s Swarm Engine™ to bring to un-life to the series’ …

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  • brunaso 3 days ago

    the animations are terribly bad tbh

  • santa yuris 3 days ago

    Il film?

  • Mad Ligler 3 days ago

    Almost 100 zombies
    ŋơ Ɩąɠ

  • Gustavo Mendes 3 days ago


  • sodamiclown2102 3 days ago

    One word…doooope!!

  • Ricardo Salles 3 days ago

    Esse jogo é fodastico ,quero muito jogar

  • MK_ BX6 Game's 3 days ago


  • Demon King 3 days ago

    will it release for pc?🤔

  • ALL MYD CHAOS 3 days ago

    I already pre-ordered Days Gone So…

  • Rio Candra 3 days ago

    i love how the corpse suddently disappeared. so realistic

  • Michail Lookash 3 days ago

    Очередная хуета.

  • D Liggo 3 days ago

    Yes another silly over the top shooter..try to load your gun & 💀..pointless just like that other 💩 game Killing Floor 2..?

  • Michau dtshjdr5 3 days ago

    Running zombies ? No thanks

  • Matii Ezequiel 3 days ago

    Left 4 dead 3 ?

  • Rodolfo Cesar Ramirez Onfray 3 days ago

    Gráfica juego muy bueno 😏🤑😸

  • edu _ cena 3 days ago

    Days gone : cheap version

  • Aya ʚ̛ɞ 3 days ago

    Im sick of zombie games everywhere

  • Blaze The Singer 3 days ago

    Hopefully they replicate the part in the book where the zombies survive the nuke, or in cold areas the zombies are frosted. Great book!

  • Gamers Jelek 3 days ago


    Nice work SONY !!!

  • Mark Optic 3 days ago

    Got to confirmed buys from me TD2 and WWZ👍

  • Adnan Ibrahimovic 3 days ago

    Gemetzel vom Feinsten😁😁

  • Boat Boat 3 days ago

    Left 4 dead 3 confirm.

  • marcantonio palumbo 3 days ago


    Ah… No….

  • luis miguel aguilar api 3 days ago

    bonito video el que yo espero es reciden evil 2 me suscribí a tu canal mi videos son de videoclip m pero si te gusta suscribiste y comenta si decaes el ultimo que subí le puce con avances del próximo video pero no se con que canción ponerle si me das consejo estere agradecido y si te suscribiste y le puciste likes a al alguno o el ultimo que subí le puciste likes también estaré agradecido

  • anme Serebryakov 3 days ago

    I never seen these swarm mechanics. Looks fun

  • Alan Chang 3 days ago

    Looks fun, if only to mow down hordes of zombies.