Links to all of the videos mentioned! DEVPRO YGO PRO PERCY …

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  • Sniggle ॐ 4 mins ago

    whats the yugioh game in the background ?

  • Sebastijan Sili 4 mins ago

    you love to listento your voice dont you

  • Michael Hall 4 mins ago

    I downloaded YGOPro but it has no single player mode. I just got it to practice because I'm new but I can't find any way to play against an AI. 🙁

  • Stephen Palomo 4 mins ago

    I tried dueling book but its to fast I didnt have time to read my opponest cards so at times I didnt know what people where doing. Is there any slower ones

  • K for the Win 4 mins ago

    is it possible to play as a oldschool gamer who doesnt know all the weird green cards?

  • Elliott Ryan 4 mins ago

    Are there any for mobile besides duel links?

  • Neisan Chaos 4 mins ago

    Eyyy I see you with that Katarina poster in the background…

  • paul vogel 4 mins ago

    DevPro link is a Virus

  • Joseph Joestar ジョセフ・ジョースター 4 mins ago

    Really dont understand. Why you'll like playing card games with everything given to you thats so boring. I wanna earn my deck. Will there ever be an official online again? Pokemon tcg online so much better looking than these games they're ugly looking.

  • Grin Reaper Of Trolls 4 mins ago

    for legal reasons, ygopro is not up for download anymore. F**KING KONAMI!

  • Felipe Martínez 4 mins ago

    i gave him a dislike so much bla bla bla

  • TheMiig1513 4 mins ago

    Adding text on screen would be lovely dude. show the name of the one you're talking about, write down a list of pros and cons of that game and rank them in order of what you like best.
    This video is way too confusing, I still don't know which to play :/ I just want something that has no ads and is not pay to win (like duel links)

  • OmegaPyron 4 mins ago

    What about the one that claims to be the best? TDOANE (The Dawn of a New Era)?
    [Now they have ads in the middle of their videos claiming it's the best:

    I think it's a variant of YGOpro 1 with some added features like Link summoning, character decks, puzzles, and deck sharing. Not sure if it can be mobile though..apparently playing it somehow helps their development of real holographic yugioh images via a real duel disk…or something.

    Personally, I'd want a YGOpro2 mobile, if that were possible without being too big or slow of course. Doubt it will ever happen though.

  • Brett Bruhn 4 mins ago

    What exact sim lets you choose the format you want to play in?

  • Tim Tom 4 mins ago

    Is there any ygo game in which u can choose the generation or the specific display in the deck editor ?

  • Gamal Zael 4 mins ago

    Kylo Ren plays Yugioh :O

  • Donald Livingston 4 mins ago

    Hey Azn, I'm looking for a game you don't need to download to play like Nexus. Got sick of their freezes and slow updates, so looking for an alternative. Any recommendations?

  • LMTR14 4 mins ago

    is there one like the ds games where you start with only a few cards and can buy more with duel points or something? that would be the only kind of online game could be interested in. I'm not willing to learn 2000+ (and getting more by the month) cards AT ONCE and I'm certainly not interested in my opponents having access to ALL of them right away

  • Akami Only 4 mins ago

    this guy already the best i see that katarina poster in the back league of legends godly ^-^

  • Thai Son Tieu 4 mins ago

    I noticed you can't use decks you make on your own on YGOPRO2 against real players only in AI, can you play custom made decks on YGOPRO1?or any at all? I'm really curious

  • Killian Anderson 4 mins ago

    Duel links is on the phone and they actually have live pvp duels and tournaments.

  • Random Comment N1 4 mins ago

    Does Ygo Pro or Dev Pro have the possibility to have unlimited time for a turn as a host?

  • Christopher Kennawi 4 mins ago

    will ygopro 1 get link monsters

  • Wozniak shawn 4 mins ago

    thanks bro

  • Secret123890 4 mins ago

    He talked like 20mins and there's not a single table defining pros and cons on 1 page.

  • Dark Nerdy Geek 4 mins ago

    I just want a YGOpro with the new Link summon rules and everything…When is it coming out ?

  • Monty2289 4 mins ago

    All of them have their faults but to be honest the community ruins EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. It also hurts that we're in this transition and I can't test or enjoy any of the new stuff since the TCG rules haven't adjusted

  • 10k subs with a video 4 mins ago

    which is the best out of all of them?

  • Zyalonthegreat 4 mins ago

    is there a free game of yugioh that you need to pull the cards out of the pakage?

  • Lucky Luxray 4 mins ago

    I keep trying to download YGOpro but it keeps saying that the file can not be launched

  • Shadowedmecha 4 mins ago

    But. Can I port my physical deck into the game, or are my exodia cards, blue eyes cards, red eyes cards, Egyptian cards, and all of my good cards gonna end up being useless if I migrate to one of these

  • Chris Adler 4 mins ago

    Dragon do you help others get better at Yugioh?

  • Kevin Sarpei 4 mins ago

    the thing is, in the ps4 game, i can hold down the circle button so it wont ask me if i want to activate anything, and as soon as i let go, it will start asking me everytime something happens. why is this not a feature in ygopro/devpro? does anyone happen to know if there is a pc game that has this feature?

  • Telo0kos 4 mins ago

    Dude dont talk so much for 1 fucking thing

  • Koray Çavuşoğlu 4 mins ago

    They should involved the card "The Seal Of Orichalcos" just like the game "Yugioh Dawn Of The New Era". It is not that great card which required to be forbidden. Many of players do nt even add it into their deck in The Dawn of New Era.

  • noseq poner 4 mins ago

    :((((( No entiendo nada

  • damn i used to be on byond dmg the memories

  • MAPLESTORY TOT 4 mins ago

    WHY Was ygopro shut down

  • DudeHunder 4 mins ago

    so ygopro is beter then devpro?

  • LSR Gaming 4 mins ago

    Anyone experience a bug from YGOPRO percy 1.003d that is the duel music plays too late?

  • THE Granny Poo 4 mins ago

    RIP Dueling Network

  • A88mph 4 mins ago

    A Long time ago, there was a Duel System called "Kaiba Corp Virtual Duel System" or KCVDS for short. That was more or less the only free duel system in the early days, and I still wish it was still around.

  • Vouly 4 mins ago

    Is there a YGO game where you "start from the bottom" so you have do earn ingame money to buy packs(with multiplayer ofc) except YGO Legacy of the duelists?