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  • King Dippy 31 mins ago

    This video just reminded me that I had the Mario wrist game. Thank you for unlocking a part of my past.

  • Jonathan 31 mins ago

    I thought i was so cool i got the wrist game, but sadly i lost it in school =(

  • Hanktube 123 31 mins ago

    -The Angry Video Game Nerd 2013

  • Hanktube 123 31 mins ago

    64 bits! 32 bits! 16 bits. 8 bits. 4 bits. 2 bits! 1 bit!! HALF BIT! QUARTER BIT!


  • Jackson Cress 31 mins ago

    2218 anyone?

  • Nick K 31 mins ago

    I remember have a few of these. A Sonic one is the only one I remember though.

  • Orange Juice Gaming 31 mins ago

    taxman was made by hal labs????

  • KenjiPlayGaming KPG 31 mins ago

    When i showed this videos main part to my dog he became angry

  • Buddy the Bad 31 mins ago

    Wait, Hal Labs? As in Kirby Hal Labs?!?

  • Mitra Rado 31 mins ago

    It could be worse, they could make a console that plugs in the tv

  • _Aiden_ 31 mins ago

    Let’s all not forgot Tiger made the original Furbies.

  • orang g 31 mins ago

    How about a tiger whrist dr jekyll and mr hyde game made by ljn

  • Xarfax321 31 mins ago

    Well…. We didn't have Tiger Games in my part of the world…. THAT was how shitty my childhood was! Either you owned a gameboy or a computer or a nintendo. If you had nothing? Well you were fucked!

  • Falcon MC 31 mins ago

    Ken's face at 5:48

  • LuigiNoob546 31 mins ago

    imagine if they made youtube tiger games?
    where’s my AVGN Tiger Game

  • Folf Havoc 31 mins ago

    I never had a Tiger Electronic game, but I did have 1 of the Sonic ones McDonald’s put in their happy meals.

  • rocknrollkid90 31 mins ago

    Tiger Electronics got defunct, back in 2012.

  • 1upjolt10 - 31 mins ago

    so do you consider the ljn video art or the r-zone worse

  • Legomation Ultra 31 mins ago

    128bit 64bit 32bit 16bit 8bit 4bit 2bit 1bit halfbit quarterbit eighthbit sixteenthbit 32ndbit 64thbit 128thbit 256bit 512thbit 1024thbit 2048th bit 4096thbit 8192nd bit 16384thbit

  • CrimsonMaverick 31 mins ago

    The only question I have is: Why does he not rip apart the game and watch games, but destroys tiger’s games even though they’re the same thing.

  • Gameboss49 31 mins ago

    Fun fact: There is a roller coaster element called a top gun stall. The name is self explanatory. It's inspiration came from top gun from the scene with the two jets on top of each other. Only two coasters have these. Twisted Colossus and the soon to be built West Coast Racers.

  • Mateusz 1991 31 mins ago

    14:25 aa aa aa

  • Mitra Rado 31 mins ago

    I know about a console that EVEN WORSE. It’s so bad, it only had 8 games ever made for it

  • Tow Wong 31 mins ago

    Hong Kong 97 on Wrist-Game confirmed

  • pikakid the electric warrior 31 mins ago

    ™He gonna take you back to past to play the shitty games that sucked ass®

  • WeatherWarnings 1050 31 mins ago

    The future of a blue collared worker

  • TheButterArmy 31 mins ago

    Still better than fortnite

  • Bobby diehard drummer 31 mins ago

    love this video

  • Urban Kitsune 31 mins ago

    I fucking hated these things