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  • Diony Vasquez 2 mins ago

    Finally this game is amazing, we have been waiting way too long Capcom. I own all four of the PS2 versions and the GBA version. this series needed a well deserve comeback. Hmm if this does well and they remaster the rest, possibly a new Onimusha game. only time will tell right guys. P.S. Capcom remaster Chaos Legion as well lol

  • This was my Dark souls back on the PS2 days

  • 1:002:20 What is that trailer song though!? It's not original Onimusha song but it fits !

  • kommalykos 2 mins ago

    yo I literally just went on a month long pilgrimage to revive my ps2 and replay this entire series this is FATE

  • thekingjayjay1988 2 mins ago

    Should have just been all 3 games

  • Code Redd 2 mins ago

    This has me all in the feels right now. One of the greatest games ever!! I been waiting for this game to resurface for so many years.. Oh Im imaging what an open world Onimusha game would be like right now.. I might have to find my ps2 and play this game this weekend.

  • Matthew Lugo 2 mins ago

    So its a port and not a remake or remaster

  • Flamehaze Mekka 2 mins ago

    OMG its happening wtf?! I hope they remaster every game including Dawn of dreams, i love this series so much truly a forgotten gem 😀

  • Vincent Hernandez 2 mins ago

    YEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! after a 1000 emails to capcom, it finally happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oathkeeper kingdom490 2 mins ago

    My Niggas Now do Dbz budokai 3 or tenkaichi and ill be set

  • PatrikStarFunk 2 mins ago

    At last! Domo arigato Capcom.

  • Silver Fox 2 mins ago

    My prayers have been fucking answered! Whoo!

  • ZiggyKick921 2 mins ago

    Jeez, 2018! Giving me surprises left and right.

  • NokinaGaming 2 mins ago

    I totally buying this game to support it hopefully they make new one or remake

  • Tazmaster 2 mins ago

    Jubei Yagyu of the Yagyu clan has been gone for too long. Bring him back also please, thanks.

  • House Barzini Gaming 2 mins ago

    This is fucking awesome I've wondered for years when this great game will get remastered. Day one buy for me this game was a favourite of mine as a young lad can't wait to play now as a man.

  • smacc loco 2 mins ago

    I bet $29.99

  • Yui Kotegawa 2 mins ago


  • Memazos Elver Gazo 2 mins ago

    Nintendo Switch ^^

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tony Vang 2 mins ago

    Man I really hope they can upgrade the graphics

  • Jonathan Ashiru 2 mins ago

    Oh my fucking god yes!

  • Sensui Shinobu 2 mins ago

    I hope they include a Samanosuke statue for the release.

  • Deamon OfficialChannel 2 mins ago

    Very good graphics.

  • FROG 17 2 mins ago

    thanks Capcom.