Steam link below. Psychological Horror and Puzzles. Out on March 20th 2017. Set against a backdrop of psychological terror, The Crow’s Eye is a first-person …

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  • Lucifer Baphomet 45 mins ago

    Reminds me of a “We happy few Character” like a Bobby or something lol TAKE YOUR FUCKING JOY

  • Victoria Romhanyi 45 mins ago

    i swear to god, my heart stopped from that damn thunderclap at 2:40..jeez!

  • οὐτόπος 45 mins ago

    Nobody expected the Spanish worm inquiquisitionnn

  • SnowWalker 45 mins ago

    The voice from speaker reminds me of the voice in the comic book part of Edith Finch.

  • Alpha 011 45 mins ago

    24:38 DEAR GOD! I pooped a little on that one

  • Elarchi Brahim 45 mins ago

    ''NONE of my letters IS reaching you'' is grammatically correct.
    You are awesome. I enjoy your videos.

  • William hartley 45 mins ago

    Nice change to not have an American shouting in a daft voice over the video. But, it would help a lot if yo would show some setting options. Be helpful to know how it saves and if keybinding is available. Nice walkthrough though.

  • Patty Ramirez 45 mins ago

    he's handsome😃

  • György Klutsik 45 mins ago

    much design element are copied from Bioschock….

  • TheMOLONOPJ 45 mins ago

    Where are you from?

  • TheCanadiangirl4 45 mins ago

    New subscriber here. I love your commentary about the game.

  • 雪梅 45 mins ago

    I miss your videos a lot ,I was so busy and found out they you've uploaded other playthrough….

  • sirenonland 45 mins ago

    I'm a little late – but interesting storyline. That random worm made me seriously burst out in laughter though.

  • Kylie The Dandere 45 mins ago

    Oh it says there is another video in this play list but I can't watch it as its private

  • BASSOSOVIETICO1987 45 mins ago

    Looks interesting! I'm sure you're convinced now to play more 🙂

  • J Rellz 45 mins ago

    Definitely play more. All of your horror vids are funny.

  • Hina Sama 45 mins ago

    yes I wanna seeing you play it

  • SeaTurtleMan 45 mins ago

    Are you going to play through Kona?

  • Ethneria 45 mins ago

    I can't wait to see more of this game. It reminds me of the adventure games I played as a kid

  • irene brennan 45 mins ago

    good game…why don't you play 'root of evil-the tailor' its on steam and created entirely by one guy. It looks great and is an all round good horror puzzle game

  • frederickletterblair 45 mins ago

    God you look particularly hot in blue.

  • Lakshmi V Kumar 45 mins ago

    would love to see more 👍

  • Urosh Uchiha Novakovic 45 mins ago

    I understand her letters being here, but why are his letters here? He sent them to her right?

  • Ada Kong 45 mins ago

    LIKE if you want Cju to play Paranormal Activity! It's for VR headset which we know Chris already has, Supposed to be super scary!

  • Jun Meng 45 mins ago

    yea, interesting. please keep up.

  • Chris Davis 45 mins ago

    Very intriguing game.   def want to see more.  Great start!

  • Nicole Lyn 45 mins ago

    I'm interested so far. You should keep playing!

  • AmericanJosh 45 mins ago

    Well I'm hooked on this as series. I wanna find out what happened in this creepy school.

  • Gerda Parker 45 mins ago

    Looks really interesting I would love to see you play more of this game.