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  • Youtube Video Ranker 1 hour ago

    Nice Video. For the keyword: 'space video game' you currently rank #2. You are almost there.

  • Shawn Anomaly 1 hour ago

    Dual Universe…not thinking about the rest.

  • the gamer of crafts 1 hour ago

    Thank u so much I found many games I like.

  • Enigma 3D 1 hour ago

    Star Citizen the most ($180) I've ever spent on an idea that will probably never see release… gamer-scam of the century.

  • Unoriginal name 1 hour ago


  • Aiden Ballingall 1 hour ago

    Guys u really shouldn’t be to pumped for star citizen…

  • Dafydd Rees-Jones 1 hour ago

    Elite Dangerous was released in 2014

  • kostas m 1 hour ago

    Message from the future : star citizen will come to first players at 2021.( remember this message.)

  • Mats Eikeland 1 hour ago

    No man sky should be here after the newest update

  • Aldo Guloy 1 hour ago

    Star citizen is great and all but an i-7 is a must because its currently at a cpu hog

  • Andrius St 1 hour ago

    Over a year later comes back to check what is the tune playing over Star Citizen but still no answer 🙁 Does anyone know?

  • Arabie Gamer ツ 1 hour ago

    I have dead space i scard of this gsme

  • SpaceTravelCapital.com 1 hour ago

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  • MR_SHADES 1 1 hour ago

    Is there any free game

  • Ricardo S 1 hour ago

    mass effect andromeda LOL

  • Nullblaster The Voidmaker 1 hour ago


  • DarthBalrogTV 1 hour ago

    Here is another one… Star Citizen is just a system for sucking money from unwary.
    IF anything will ever be accomplished that could be called a complete Star Citizen game, considering the time and the cost to make it, it will mathematically be a product that will never satisfy.

  • Michael Balder 1 hour ago

    SC is NOT a game yet, only a VISION of a great and beautiful game…. pherhaps in 2020…. (or maybe later?!? the answer my friend is blowing in the wind…)

  • Eyad Bukhari 1 hour ago

    Where's Alien Isolation? BOO

  • Nick R 1 hour ago

    I see you have no idea what people mean when they say space game.. your video sucks ass for space games searches, so you do to ^_^

  • MAECHE冷やす 1 hour ago


  • VideoGamer00 1 hour ago

    halo wars 2. Halo. Wars. 2. What the fuck is this list?

  • Heroninja112 1 hour ago

    the 10th one is like subnautica but on land

  • golden bro 1 hour ago

    Dual universe best game if you agree

  • Richard Methot 1 hour ago

    Lol I own Elite Dangerous and have max rep in both factions, This is not the game that was previewed here lol

  • Nick R 1 hour ago

    I dont think you understand what people mean by SPACE GAMES you dumb shit

  • TheTeoras1 1 hour ago

    Star citizen in number 1? The game can barely run on a gaming PC. You legit can't run it with something that can run GTA 5 on very high settings. Not even on the lowest. Why? Their network servers take 95% of your memory and disk usage.

    …the rest 200 percent of the memory is taken up by exactly nothing… The result? Minimum memory requirement: 32gb, even then it still lags according to people.

  • This hasn't aged well already.

  • OneSpaceman 1 hour ago


  • Shailesh Kumar 1 hour ago

    I like the game space agency

  • PerfectGamer 1 hour ago

    Who else remembers No Man's Sky

  • NEVERGAMING 1 hour ago

    What were you guys saying about Star Citizen? Watch me play 3.0 PTU HEHEEE.

  • Noob Gamer 1 hour ago

    star citizen sucks……

  • Kaspisija Alo 1 hour ago

    Does someone know a game where you at on some planet and there is a boss fight where you fight a guy with electric glove or something please reply if you know because i forgot that game XD (sorry for my en)

  • sir Beanalot 1 hour ago

    Where is Avorion ? Best space game out their.