Top 10 Videogames with the Best Romance Options Subscribe: Video games and sex? These are the games with the best options for Love, …

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  • Donovan Merk 22 mins ago

    Last scene in the playlist is from Mass Effect 3 not Mass Effect 2 lol

  • Lilll3 22 mins ago

    Skyrim marriage is just.. sleeping next to them. Boring

  • hag12100 22 mins ago

    Mass Effect should be 1!!!

  • Hallo Hallo 22 mins ago

    Max and Chloe, please 😍😍Love them booth soooo much. Max is cute and Chloe hot somehow 😅😍❤👅

  • Well Ribbed 22 mins ago

    Video's icon sucks, it's a spoiler.

  • CryptoDragon UK 22 mins ago

    When I was marrying Mjoll for the first time, some fucking hired thugs and vampires decided to crash it, didn't they. 😂

  • rose444200 22 mins ago

    I find the old republic would be better then Skyrim. Where you do have plenty of npcs to pick from. They don't really do in depth romance stories.

  • Danny D 22 mins ago

    Dude yes all your choices were on point. Specially the first place.

  • Lily Val 22 mins ago

    Really the harem with suvoubous demons? Are you nuts? !That's just wrong. She really isn't pretty or hot. It's an illusion. Choose baby and girlfriend. No monsters or creatures please ! Last 1 was cute. Japanese anime ones.

  • Bogdan Chivoiu 22 mins ago

    I can't belive that you put that shity gme last

  • Simon Upbacon 22 mins ago

    To this day my favorite video game moment is what happens if you romance neither Dorian or Bull, but use them as party members often. I promise hilarity.

  • AgehaLady 22 mins ago

    Harvest moon Series…. yeah, only until a New Beginning. the rest titles after ANB made by Natsume are sh*t imo. after ANB, the original dev of the series, Marvelous, continue the series with the new tittle called Story of Seasons.

  • Anna Chatley 22 mins ago

    For your dragon age question, The Iron Bull is a qunari.

  • Marvel Stuff 22 mins ago

    @Drad88 I understand but it is cheaper through.

  • Persona 5 when i romance all the girls…the valentine's day skit is so funny. If someone want's a good laugh or want to know what happens when your gf's find out you cheated on them this is a must watch.

  • Carrie XcX YT 22 mins ago

    I Despise Triss more than i hate drugs!!!!!!😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • How do you do fellow kids? 22 mins ago

    Mass Effect has the greatest Romance for the sole reason of it can span 3 games. You get full arcs and stories out of it.

  • will york 22 mins ago

    i wish they could have put fallout 4 in here

  • Darkwolfhellhound 22 mins ago

    Rune factory is another series I would recommend.

  • Thalia The Corgi 22 mins ago

    …its not fair to put harvest moon AND stardew valley as SV is literally an HM clone

  • Gustavo Schnurr 22 mins ago

    Dragon's Dogma?!?! Really!?!? God damnit, if that was not the worst romance options ever…. I don't know which was.

  • Paul Pierce 22 mins ago

    Kingdom Hearts wins all romance.

  • Fucking Potatoes 22 mins ago

    Which shin megami tensei they show?

  • Fucking Potatoes 22 mins ago

    Oh and skyrim romance was shitty…like lol what? Where's the real romance?

  • Fucking Potatoes 22 mins ago

    I vote they do a new one!!

  • Steve Walton 22 mins ago

    Cullen how’s it going lol

  • Gabriel Taveira 22 mins ago

    Really Inquisition over Origins? Also no Baldur's Gate 2? The game that started the romance options in Bioware games.

  • Paweł Bieliński 22 mins ago

    And where is Baldur's Gate 2. It have rich writen, full of content romance options and to be honest Bg2 introduced romances to many of older gamers.

  • ApollonNike 22 mins ago

    Oh, when you say love in a game, I always remember when I played Beyond: Two Souls, I hated Ryan actually and loved Jay. But look how lucky I am I messed up everything with Jay and when Jodie was leaving there he didn't like Jodie enough to give her a goodbye kiss. So, in the end, I thought too deep about this and I didn't want to leave Jodie alone or without love. But Jay and Jodie weren't good enough in my game so this would be a divorce because he is not like her that much(I thought it verrrrryy realistic)… And I chose ass Ryan. I am still sad, but if sometimes I play again, this time it will be Jay pretty sure.

  • Wayne Dotson 22 mins ago

    Playing Harvest Moon DS as I watch this. Heh.

  • !John*Doe! 22 mins ago

    First time playing the witcher 3 i picked Yen. From what i gathered through my interaction with vesimer was that Geralt spent up to a year on the path looking for Yen. Before i assumed control of his character i figured that instead of choosing what i would want in a partner, i started thinking about what geralt would want for his future. It was the first time during a role play that i consider my character as his own person with ambition and motives outside my interest in challenge

  • Vanaathiel 22 mins ago

    How is Skyrim on this but not Fallout 4?

  • cpnt fcknLevi 22 mins ago

    What a list.. You forgot the mystic messenger XD

  • Kiotomi Chyuutonichi 22 mins ago

    I downvoted simply because they rated stardew valley over the harvest moon series. You guys realize that stardew valley is seriously JUST a ripoff of Every harvest moon game ever right?

  • Catherine is the right choice

  • This list was terrible, it was bad. It was terribad.

    Skyrim? Seriously? that has to be the most shallow approach to romance ever put to videogame form. You literally put on a necklace, and then get married. And the characters you have the most chemistry with (Such as Serana) are not marriable. I've seen better chemistry between water and oil.

    Dragon's Dogma? another one with extremely shallow romances, where people fall in love with you if you give them enough carrots, and the interactions with your spouse are limited to exactly TWO conversations in the entire game.

    And then you make the heresy of putting Dragon Age Inquisition BELOW Mass Effect? seriously? What's your major malfunction?

  • Buchi Chu 22 mins ago

    Any game where Alistair is the option is the best option. 🌹

  • spAghEttIchIpFry 22 mins ago

    Did he just say….

    N A O G O ???

  • Nikko Nikole 22 mins ago

    Harvest moon was lit!!!!

  • Jaycie&Danielleshow 22 mins ago

    Life is strange honorable mention I'm just like " you have to be fucking crazy to choose Warren"

  • Kathryn Scott 22 mins ago

    1. Skyrim has the worst romance system of all time its all the same and awful
    2. I can’t believe the life of strange kiss isn’t Chloe???? Who the heck kissed him???

  • geekably U 22 mins ago

    At the end they showed scenes from the Mass Effect 3 (2013) dlc, but put Mass Effect 2 (2010).

  • Surprises Daedra 22 mins ago

    This guy sounds like there's a period after every word, but he's trying really bad to make the stops faster.