Karak reviews the DLC for Far Cry 5 known as LOST ON MARS. My Amazon Affiliate link. Buying anything with this link helps ACG …

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  • LiL GHXST 15 mins ago

    zombies teases Blood Dragon 2 and 3 at the end lol.

  • Michael Coffey 15 mins ago

    Seems to fall in a bad way for me not serious enough or sci fi enough for me to get into seriously, nor silly enough for me to enjoy Borderlands style. This just is not for me, and thanks to Karak i now know this :). Thank you for saving me my time and $

  • BIG PASTA 15 mins ago

    Fuck Youtube for doing this shit to you, you deserve better.

  • Alien Moth Probe 15 mins ago

    Obviously with all the salt in the comments, people still haven’t learnt what absolute trash Ubisoft are. Can’t remember the last absolute must play Ubisoft title. Zzzzzzz

  • blue skies on mars?

  • Joseph Smith 15 mins ago

    brilliant review!

  • cajunasian71 15 mins ago

    As always, a great review Karak. I will admit that I enjoyed the Far Cry DLCs this time more than the Main Game, but hey that's just me. As I prefer a more stealthy approach than 'straight up Rambo' than some folks, not having everything 'dialed up to 11' is just my thing. Having my friends "comment" while watching me take down an outpost is hilarious as I will scan from every vantage point possible before I do anything. I did not expect 'main game' quality graphics and the gameplay is still there. Unfortunately, still no New Game + for the completionists out there. Not even sure what to say about folks who comment negatively here without EVEN PLAYING THE DLC. Don't want to pay FULL PRICE? Then 'Wait for Sale' as Karak suggests then comment when you have a clue. Sheesh.

  • Juan Alvarado 15 mins ago


  • The Wolfie 15 mins ago

    shut up meg-_-

  • Sam Vimes 15 mins ago

    Still need to download this one, but I doubt it can top Hour of Darkness. That DLC might have been short but man was it good.

  • Tanner Wahlstrom 15 mins ago

    "If they don't score a perfect headshot on the doctor, they're not allowed to leave the birth canal."

    Noice 🙂

  • I Am The Marble 15 mins ago

    It reminds me of that cliche 80s action movie along with borderlands which I enjoy. It’s a cheesy yet fun dlc with an ending that wraps up the game in a good way. I’d give it a 8/10

  • galatei11 15 mins ago

    I really liked FC5 , but this and the vietnam are as you're saying, just time wasters, nothing that really extends the game. The only way I can get back to FC5 now is if the Zombies is really good, or when they finally add New Game Plus mode.

  • JSIN G 15 mins ago

    This game makes me want yo olag no man sky lol

  • Ron Lockhart 15 mins ago

    Can u use the new weapons in the main game?

  • Billy Bob 15 mins ago

    Dude the things you say are funny as Hell! The reviews are honest and I like your style, that's why I subscribe.

  • Hunter Kätsch 15 mins ago

    I didn’t like weapons sounds and their models but by god they are op in the original game.

  • Billboe Bagginns 15 mins ago

    Hurk was the best part of this dlc

  • Simon M 15 mins ago

    Awesome review man. Do you plan on doing a review of No Man's Sky when it releases for Xbox one and gets its NEXT update?

  • Kevin Hibbard 15 mins ago

    Cracks me up he still says sponsored bull crap and then drops fuck and shit 3 mins later haha

  • IGN: Too much orange 10/10

  • I dunno what this game looks like…it will come to me later I'm sure…but it does NOT look like I'm watching far cry 5 gameplay.

  • Zaryel 15 mins ago

    0:55 was that a cliff racer? haha

  • Brad Hoover 15 mins ago

    Far Cry 5 has been the biggest disappointment for me (forced story in singleplayer?!). I am not even going to download this shit. I know I will never buy another season pass out of the gate again.

  • Mildly Amusing Channel 15 mins ago

    Tried it for about five minutes. Hurk's voice is just so obnoxiously irritating man… couldn't handle it. Also, as you say the Mars setting is incredibly generic… looked like a level from Mass Effect. Normally a comparison to Mass Effect would be a positive but in this case it isn't. What a dumb DLC. The Vietnam one had a more plausible connection to the main storyline and was nicely reminiscent of FC 1/3 IMO.
    Ubisoft's DLCs have been pretty terrible recently. E.g., DLCs for Watch Dogs 2 were absolute garbage, totally rushed.

  • Cody Gore 15 mins ago

    Id say i hope far cry 6 is better but… All far cry games are connected. Far cry 5 is sadly the last.. Unless they do a reboot… But we gotta wait 4 years…

  • Cody Gore 15 mins ago

    It bugs me that ubisoft thing a lazer gun would be the best space weapon… Isn't there gun powder out there that doesn't need air to ignite? sigh disappointed opportunities.

  • Rick M. 15 mins ago

    Do you need FarCry 5 to play the DLC? Or is it like Undead Nightmare from Red Dead Redemption, where you didn't need the actual game?

  • Dak1d's Gaming Corner 15 mins ago

    Karak did you review the previous dlc?

  • WAR BLACKJACK 15 mins ago

    Lost On Mars > Hours of Darkness

  • J Wallace 15 mins ago

    This looks slow and boring. Watching this makes me want to play DOOM.

  • Brace Land 15 mins ago

    Still can't believe they removed the skinnings animations

  • RogueNinjaGaming 15 mins ago

    Space Jizz = Firearms

  • John Doe 15 mins ago

    they should have taken inspiration from ratchet and clank for the weapons, they are so boring.

  • Doom is on mars and look amazing. Far Cry on mars is just lazy.

  • I wish the weapons took influence from Aliens. I just really want to go on a bug hunt with a pulse rifle.

  • HomemadeIndie 15 mins ago


  • ferbobian 15 mins ago

    "Couple of hours" my ASS. Play it on Hard and you won't be finishing this DLC in no 2 hours.

  • Justin de la Garza 15 mins ago

    I already paid for it in the season pass so I might as well give it a try, if it makes me laugh out loud I’ll probably enjoy it

  • Adriana Kuzmikova 15 mins ago

    ACG if you are looking for some new game to review there is a new free game called Caller's Bane that was released on June 20 2018.

  • Younes Ten 15 mins ago

    I love Far Cry 5 game

  • ekstrajohn 15 mins ago

    Great review!

  • Christopher Bruscato 15 mins ago

    I have the season pass, and played through this upon release. I have to agree with everything you said. This was an interesting concept, that just wasn't used to its potential. Having such a small, boring landscape seems the antithesis to everything FarCry is about. Hours of Darkness seemed far more thought out than this expansion. I just cannot believe that they made a joke in FarCry 5 about not having you climb towers, and then proceed to have you climb more towers in the DLC. This did not scratch the itch for more FarCry at all. I was really hoping this would be another Blood Dragon when I heard the concept, but it is just not that at all. This is absolutely a pass for anyone who didn't by the season pass.

  • Anthony Sanchez 15 mins ago

    Can safely say I like Hours of Darkness way more now

  • Eliad Buchnik 15 mins ago

    DLC like that makes little sense for me.

  • Justin Stowers 15 mins ago

    They look like the creatures from A Quiet Place.

  • Thomas GLover 15 mins ago

    Haha you are awesome at this mate, and "nope the fuck out" is now my no.1 saying for any situation i can get it in lmao

  • hairypatchboy 15 mins ago

    This looks like a mix of Redneck Rampage and Starship Troopers.