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  • Brooks Sligh 33 mins ago

    Whoa that looks excellent.

  • Jmachuca 33 mins ago

    Cool video, with all these OSR rpgs out there, it could be interesting to see a video regarding the subject, what can be defined as an OSR rpg, what are the basics. It would be interesting to see an explanation about this.

  • Alt Taab 33 mins ago

    Just started an urban themed campaign to eventually play through the new WotC adventure Dragon Heist. I'm definitely gonna pick up Kidnap the Archpriest to get some alternative flavor, rules and resources to help flesh out and modify the adventure.

  • misomiso 33 mins ago

    Great vid.

    Some other things you could think of looking at that:

    Dark Places and Demogorgon
    Tales from the Loop
    Into the Borderlands (put this on another vid but repeating here for completeness).

    All very interesting modules.

  • George Wittelsbach-Lorraine-Mclarion-Hoopy 33 mins ago

    Skerposting was a mistake tbh fam

  • Were Teddy 33 mins ago

    I've used Tomb of the Serpent Kings to introduce several groups of new players to D&D. I'll have to pick up this module as well.

  • Ben Asaro 33 mins ago

    Great find! This looks like it would slot really well into Seventh Sea.

  • YnasMidgardNaule 33 mins ago

    Alright, I'm sold.

  • Jefferson Mills 33 mins ago

    Thank you for another concise, constructive, useful review!

  • Roee Avramot 33 mins ago

    Skreples did an amazing game design work on this amazing module

  • Skull Dixon 33 mins ago

    This seems great. I could use that back section with Shadowrun too. The idea of thinking in terms of Dials, i think it can improve the game, on the gm side of things

  • Dusty Poster 33 mins ago

    Another cool review. Thanks as always, Ben!

  • Chris Hall 33 mins ago

    Barrowmaze is great.