Part 2 of 3 *** Watch Arkham Horror Game Play *** ****ONE SMALL GAME PLAY ERROR – I Neglected To Roll For The Rumor During The Final Mythos Phase …

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  • Scott Plumer 1 month ago

    Great video! We've played this a few times, and now I see the things we've done wrong.

  • Paehrin 1 month ago

    I learned the game yesterday and tried a game with some friends today (they had no idea how to play it). Your guide will be of great help for further games 🙂 (oh, and fun fact… I "found" the exact same bag and use it to carry my dice around^^)

  • R3215TANC3 1 month ago

    Literally perfect with your tutorial as well as this, thanks to you I'm finally able to play this game with friends. Usually with games I'm able to understand the rule book and I can get through a quick solo game to get used to it, but this was really difficult.

    Thanks man, I appreciate the work that you put in to this, I imagine it takes a lot of time and effort, you really helped me out.

  • M Balazs 1 month ago

    great job

  • Patrick R 1 month ago

    I really dislike the board layout of this game. It should be turned 90degress so players can sit on one side and see everything easily.

  • Andy Adams 1 month ago

    at 22:17 you say "we're looking for a 1, 5 or 6 to see if we succeed" I'm confused about the 1. And thanks for doing this, it's very helpful.

  • Nice review, although you made another mistake that isn't listed in the description and I haven't seen someone point it out in the comments. Namely, during your encounter in Historical society at around 30:15 you could spend 1 gate trophy to recruit Professor Armitage, but in case he is unavailable (if he has been previously discarded or another player already has him) THEN you receive a Unique item. If you do not spend a gate trophy, nothing happens, which in turn means you got your second Elder sign illegitimately… I wouldn't normally point this out, but it's an important note that in those types of encounters (the ones where you are offered the chance to recruit an ally), you should read the wording very carefully, I have seen many people make this same mistake. Hope this rather long comment helps. Cheers and keep up the good work 🙂

  • Daniel Lauronen 1 month ago

    Thankyou for doing this vidio about the game, It was just what I needed to fully understand the game and how it works. Really good work done there and thankyou once more for helping me along the way to lose my sanity or saving the world, hopefully the last one.

  • yousini 1 month ago

    5:00 raging alcoholic confirmed

  • Josh HDR01D 1 month ago

    Great video

  • MmCcMmMm 1 month ago

    Great tutorial! I got the game yesterday but was overwhelmed by the booklet. I watched these two videos and I am so excited to get started now!

  • Ivan Nikulin 1 month ago

    Your series of Arkham Horror game rules is definitely the best. Appreciate your great job.

  • Brad R 1 month ago

    Crown Royal, every board gamers best friend!

  • Josef Caruthers 1 month ago

    Omg thank you for what you do! I just got this game and tried to read it in 1 sitting and play it. It was a disaster!! Now thanks to you I can play this great game!

  • Nero Paolo 1 month ago

    now watching part 2.. nice