A short Blair Witch Project inspired horror prototype about searching for a missing person in the woods. It’s a shame there’s not more to it. ▻Please consider …

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  • Alexander Willow 1 hour ago

    Didn't. Get. it. @. All.

  • elinya 1 hour ago


  • Frankie Cuellar 1 hour ago

    Hello everyone my name is Frank Waller from Orlando Florida I just started a new YouTube channel I have a couple of video up. I post up anything? I don't care? Lol but yea. if you subscribe to my channel I'll follow you back!? so thats good for everyone went right thanks and hope to hear from you! And sorry if I'm plugging for plugging on your Channel I love your channel keep doing what are you doing it's great you play games that I don't I never see other let's play players play , 👍😎😫😲

  • gerald poles 1 hour ago

    have u played The Blair Witch Project vol 1 ?

  • Akane Tsuki 1 hour ago

    LoL Crap game

  • Ana Alegros 1 hour ago

    Woah! Dev uses Johns Arts Horror development kit! Nice.

  • OutlawRebel117 1 hour ago

    Inspired by the Blair Witch Project?

    I'm out!

  • Kike el Redentor 1 hour ago

    Good game!

  • Tito Tato 1 hour ago

    Mierda si, encontré un gameplay

  • Like si vienes por Bortz

  • Casie Kirch 1 hour ago

    A Indie Horror game that is really good to play is HEKTOR, has a great beginning and a great ending!

  • Hagop Derderian 1 hour ago

    Hey buddy why you dont olay the walking dead game

  • lyed2672 1 hour ago

    this reminds me of slender man 😂

  • Formidophobia 1 hour ago

    I haven't seen either movie (know most of what happens in the original though), but from the sounds of it the Blair Witch reboot was good if you actually wanted something to happen at the end. Depends what kind of found footage movie you like, I guess.

  • Urosh Uchiha Novakovic 1 hour ago

    Why is it called Seed though?
    Edit: Oh, it says I'm the 666th view. This can't be good.

  • Kat Standfield 1 hour ago

    Why would the police send a guy to collect evidence in the middle of the night with no gear and no coms

    I think that they just hated this officer and sent him off because they didn't want to invite him to the office party.

  • Sagir Sayyad 1 hour ago


  • zeratulcraft 1 hour ago

    Seems good, ended too soon. Was expecting you to take the head with you, evidence and all that.

  • Mr. Mister 1 hour ago

    Is that a Carpenter Brut t-shirt I spy there? Big respect my man, his stuff is ace.

  • Jonas Christensen 1 hour ago

    Please don't watch the Blair Witch reboot.

  • peglc legg 1 hour ago

    Short and not so sweet.

  • TheCanadiangirl4 1 hour ago

    I liked this game, I just wish there was more to it.

  • Hatim Millwala 1 hour ago

    CJU u rulee!❤️

  • BortzProductions 1 hour ago

    (Hi, I'm the dev) Fun fact: There are 3 endings to the game. If you return to the ladder instead of opening the door you can just leave lol
    Thank you for making this!

  • Style and Steel 1 hour ago

    You should play the Fatal Frame series. I'm surprised you haven't yet, it seems like its right up your alley. Anyway enjoyed the vid as always

  • CJUGames 1 hour ago

    More Prey on the way today too.