In this video, I`m list the best 10 Horror games on the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Playstation VR platforms. So, what are your favorite horror games on VR?

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  • Lance Stegall 8 mins ago

    Too many fuckin adds jeeez

  • Костя Крючков 8 mins ago

    ты еблан! название написать нормально можешь?!

  • Mike Søborg 8 mins ago

    Visage is not even out for VR yet.

  • Carlos Grether 8 mins ago

    I am playing Paranormal Activity with Oculus Rift and it is very scaring 🙂

  • gamer gamer 8 mins ago

    Pls i want the line of this games😍

  • Superlumen 8 mins ago

    Hey AllGamesReview guys!

    We love your Youtube channel!

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    We would love to hear your opinion abot the game.

    Congrats for your channel!

  • Ryan Cummings 8 mins ago

    Best list video I’ve ever seen on YouTube

  • NintendJones 64 8 mins ago

    The second game looks like a fear fuel can't wait

  • Marc Dobrzynski 8 mins ago

    An ad every two minutes really? Thumbs down for the greed.

  • wonderland78 8 mins ago

    welcome back 90s graphics, how ya bin?

  • Tim Oakley 8 mins ago

    Dreadhalls: simple but effective.

  • SPITZtheGOD 8 mins ago

    hurray… VR console wars… im just going to stay out of this one.

  • Scuba Gaming 8 mins ago

    Totally gonna play some of these and put them on my channel.. Thanks for the ideas! Subbed

  • Jennerson Silva 8 mins ago

    muito legal da medo

  • Evan Davis 8 mins ago

    have you checked out The Bellows it's only $5 and really scary!

  • Minecraft Canavarı 8 mins ago

    Olum ben yanılmam bu kanal türk kokuyo😑

  • Lee Sheen 8 mins ago

    New to the channel. I like your videos, keep it up!