Ranking of the 10 best Xbox 360 video games for the months of July, August and September. These games are the highest-rated of all the newly-released titles …

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  • Lamine AIT ABBAS 1 hour ago


  • Lamine AIT ABBAS 1 hour ago


  • Kaden Brown 1 hour ago

    who came here for the thumbnail?

  • Gergő Farkas 1 hour ago

    naruto#1 yyyyyye☺eeeeyyyyyy

  • Yumiko Anime 1 hour ago

    I screamed when naruto came! I thought there wouldn't be an anime game on this and I hoped there was an anime game then I gave up but then naruto comes! OMG!

  • Ider Said 1 hour ago


  • Ider Said 1 hour ago

    you are fab of naruto

  • Uriel Diera 1 hour ago


  • AuqiaGamer 1 hour ago

    Do you know wich of the Naruto games is a good one or what is their rate? (I don't know wich one I want, But I think one of the (already grown-up Naruto)

  • Chewang Dorjee 1 hour ago

    naruto's the best..

  • Jack Gamer 1 hour ago

    Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is better than revelution

  • Jugjali Rbn 1 hour ago

    Naruto is best but I dont have the game

  • Simo Gaming 1 hour ago

    Naruto is the best

  • Cian Howarth 1 hour ago

    hi everggg

  • Alex Green Halgh 1 hour ago

    Naruto,destiny, and diablo I opprove the rest I dont like

  • Zane Aamer 1 hour ago

    Naruto FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lot0pie 1 hour ago

    Big NHL fan here, and I really dislike NHL 15. The jersey graphics made everything look weird and it wasn't an all around good game, hoping this was more a test game 16 is when they'll get it right.

  • Careful I rage 1 hour ago

    Wait maybe the Time this video was made advanced warfare wasn't released yet i don't know when advanced warfare came out

  • Careful I rage 1 hour ago

    So where the fuck is advanced warfare?

  • orando15 1 hour ago


  • Sal A 1 hour ago

    I am sure there is Xbox 360 users more than xbox one , is this game gonna be on xbox360 ? Microsoft been ditch making good games for the xbox360 anymore wtf 

  • Daniel 1 hour ago

    Is naruto ninja storm revolution is free? Beacause i love naruto

  • Haydar 1 hour ago

    Наруто шторм 3 согласен для меня она очень значительная и очень важная игра лайк! 

  • st louys 1 hour ago

    Naruto is the best, in my opinion. The other games are all sports. Although there is one game that stuck out.. DESTINY!

  • SmashedWorm64 1 hour ago

    Woah destiny is awsome

  • Zyxeos 1 hour ago

    The Naruto Storm games have been my favorite series for the xbox 360 since storm 2 hit the shelves. I made the wrong call on Revolutions by purchasing it for the PC, which proved to be a poor quality port, especially in online play. The game lag aside is brilliant and the new features are fresh and much more friendly to new players while adding a different strategical edge for the more experienced. Overall this was a great list!