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  • Dylan Moore 28 mins ago

    So this video wasn't the best on describing which is the best. So can someone help me out?

  • David Garza 28 mins ago

    5:35 is where he gets to the point.

  • Jax1_1 28 mins ago

    how about putting a list of the games in the description so i dont have to skip through your rambling

  • Nostress TheEnd 28 mins ago

    all help plz ….. exist championat ,, 8 4 2 🙂 and final . .exist Yugioh ??

  • great Tits 28 mins ago

    Why isn't Duel links on the list ?

  • Michael G. 28 mins ago

    You start off your video by talking for 3 minutes about a game that isnt going to be in the list… Then you say "OK lets jump right into it" and then continue talking about other stuff…. Next time write down a structure on a sheet of paper beforehand and stop using so many useless youtube-talk like "Okay guyyyys", "I was just gonna", "I dont know like", "I guess blablabla kinda" that just fills up time without conveying important information.

  • beezel. 28 mins ago

    Jesus fucking christ. You take so long to get down to the point and you spent 70% of the time defending some argument we may have. I just want to see what yugioh games there are that I can play with my friends. That's what most of us come here for.


  • Albireo 28 mins ago

    Legacy of the Duelist IS NOT great for a singleplayer experience, it's really messy and boring and has nothing to offer.
    The GX PS2 games for example are leagues over this, LotD doesn't have voice acting, has only text like a visual novel, the writing is bad and the art is horrible (even the background art)… CG looks better in Duel Links, and it has pricy DLC… I'd never recommend it.

  • Dragyz lordofdragons 28 mins ago

    Are any of this games for Android

  • Holy christ you couldve cut this video in half by not rambling over and over 🤦‍♂️

  • Ross Stancher 28 mins ago

    I wish these yugioh multiplayer games had the start from scratch experience to them plus all the cards yugioh has made so far, kinda like rank up and collect as you go. and no please don't suggest dual links

  • You talk SOOO much! Just show us what we came here to see!

  • Tajon22 28 mins ago

    best game in yugioh online was Yu-Gi-Oh ONLINE 3 Duel Accelerator it was fast and also it had characters that you choud customize it was epic

  • uuoohhh 28 mins ago

    12 minute video and 4 and a half minues tanking nonsense i could be watching anime you piece of shit thumbs down… top 4 12 minute and you spent 4 and a half minutes sayinf nothing no wonder you dont have viewers

  • Robo-Knight YT 28 mins ago

    I never want to use pendulums, I just think it makes no sense, I think the monsters and concept are cool, I just don't want anything to do with pendulums at all

  • David Smith 28 mins ago

    Why can't Konami release one polished game across multiple platform and stick with it?
    Like what Blizzard does with Hearthstone

  • RodyPrejz RodyPrejz 28 mins ago

    like who love blue-eyes white dragon

  • StephanWayne2black 28 mins ago

    Jesus dude enough rambling you said the same thing over and over and over get a script or just SLOW DOWN there is no need to go at it like a gun is pointed at your head. I'm not trying to be hateful just giving advice.

  • King Dice 28 mins ago

    your audio and lips are not properly synced, like a few seconds off

  • Shwiifty 28 mins ago

    what was that yu gi oh game where you could make your own character, it looked a lot like duel links. UGH

  • N0slenn 28 mins ago

    hi everyone, for a new player, that never played before, which one its the best ?

  • Andy Lu 28 mins ago

    Ygopro: The dawn of new era is the best for me. I never tried the other clients like devpro or ygopro2. The option for battling other players is simple and easy in ygopro. I can perfectly edit what cards I want to put in my deck and the adv option are so easy!

  • laucorn123 28 mins ago

    5 minutes in I was just get to the fucking list already! XD

  • Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru 28 mins ago

    Anything that works for iOS? 😭😭

  • Browking 28 mins ago

    Maaaan I hope Percy really gets that update soon, it's hands down the best automated version out there. Meanwhile I'll be using ygopro2.

  • darkpaw1 darkpaw1 28 mins ago

    YGOPRO2 for now, Percy YGORPO once they finally release links on it. Seriously, its been almost a year. Probably should ask for help…

  • darkpaw1 darkpaw1 28 mins ago

    Devpro is the best (better ai imo). Unfortunateky links aren't up yet and we're WAY too deep into the link era to wait on it (almost a year since MR5 was announced) so now havt to use the glitchy slow bugfest which is YGOPRO2. But can't complain much at least YGOPRO allows me to test links buggy or not.

  • TreShawn Adams 28 mins ago


  • Donor of Ruffled Feathers 28 mins ago

    YGOPro 2's updating process is currently a pain in the ass to keep up with, and the player base is so low that 90% of people playing there are just playing Magician Pendulums. It's very unappealing.

  • Ryder Parker 28 mins ago

    Who remembers the horrible dialup days of YVD?

  • Flash Frame 28 mins ago

    Yeah, Legacy is fairly fun, but it basically stopped just before Shining Victories, it's nearly 3 years out of date already.