Well… I TRIED to play 5 Scary Games. Some of them just ended up being hilariously broken. Also I roast old Markiplier! JOIN MARKIPLIER’S HEROES …

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  • Kaman Kankai 1 min ago

    That's it. The bottom. Now he is just replaing old games again while demonstraiting how bored he is. That's just it. This channel is dead. Completly.

  • Coltivation47 Coltivation47 1 min ago

    Mark what are you doing .. play Friday the 13th or dead by daylight , I’ve been waiting to see that video

  • SuperSonicsGaming 1 min ago

    That doll cheated. He went through the doors to get you. Not fair!

  • lemon lover 1 min ago

    The third game looks like that episode from Doctor Who where they meet their worst fears in a pocket universe

  • Nikki Sweet 1 min ago

    I can tell that your voice changed and it's my very favorite thing because I couldn't watch your videos before because your voice scared me just as much as anything you were playing because it sounded so unnatural. Now you sound much more normal and not like a murderous news anchor.

  • Lady Führer 1 min ago

    Lowkey so irritated with MatPat about that whole Darkiplier spiral, and about how riled his fans are that Mark changed. Mark is Mark. If his intentions really are to shift gears on his darker ego, then so be it. I'll still love him. I miss the days where I could watch videos of Mark and laugh and get spooked without having to see the floods of comments looking too deeply into his lore or getting butthurt that he isn't like he was when he was 23.

  • hassan Al ibrahim 1 min ago

    Matpat is like, "this is sooo spooppyyyy"

  • Hey, It's Enrico Pallazzo! 1 min ago

    Mark: "Oh, hi Mark."

  • Lily Salem 1 min ago

    Oh my god, mark…. Buddy… Just use a frickinn keyboard goddammit

  • Cj Sypher 1 min ago

    Who else is scrolling through the comments? Lol

  • Sydney Hale 1 min ago

    the jumpscare at 7:20 scared me SOOO bad

  • Alyssa Albuquerque 1 min ago

    "wait do i have boobs?… Hell yeah. I HAVE BOOBS"-Mark

  • Wolfy 1 min ago

    There's only one thing I have to say


  • Louise Tabanao 1 min ago

    "Hell yeah I've got Boobs"

    -Markiplier 2018

  • galaxy-stark 1 min ago

    Just me who thinks Mark isn’t acting any different? Y’all look too much into things lol

  • Kaitlyn Hardin 1 min ago

    It’s hard to watch you be so hard on yourself.

  • Aleeza Ahmed 1 min ago

    After reading the webtoon “LET`S PLAY“ Mark remind me of Marshall .

  • DuckEsaStudio 1 min ago

    "OOOOOkay i can't be over here now cause i fu-! OKAY WOEEE ARE GOING BACK here we go!DEDELEDELEDEDLE and flip" :3

  • DuckEsaStudio 1 min ago

    The doll looks like the sister of the little doll man of "Play With Me!"…Right? :v "mark's dead" Oh and that's the clown…the same,i mean.

  • DuckEsaStudio 1 min ago

    "gasp" ..i found the doll :'D

  • SCORPION 1 min ago

    Game switch sounds are so good Mark keep up the good work

  • Leony Sison 1 min ago

    What no intro but nice editing

  • Epicdev 1 min ago


  • The Big Sad Bear 1 min ago

    fuckers freaking out about no intro though the cunt's had many videos with no intro lol

  • MikeThePotato 1 min ago

    Boobs Mckenzie

  • Platonic Purple Panda 1 min ago

    38:02 the steam account's name is BUMBUM. :'D

  • Eclipcia Darkmoon 1 min ago

    I think all your problems occured because you're trying to use a controller with a PC. That in itself is sacrilegious if you ask me.

  • Randall Ogburn 1 min ago

    I was thinking just like Mark when he started up Hotel Remorse 😂😂

  • Shyanne Slettebo 1 min ago

    97% About gametheory
    2% About we happy few
    1% About this video

  • SlamaWolfPlays 1 min ago

    Mark and old mark are actually two different people

  • CarrotDraws_o3o 1 min ago

    41:17 phone guy confirmed :000

  • ShadowScythe123 1 min ago

    Hearing Mark shit talk his old playthrough was the best

  • Jonathon Terrell 1 min ago

    I really enjoyed this video. Especially when you chose time to reflect on yourself. I’m not very big on the reacting to old videos concept that so many produce, however you took it a step further and truly explained what you were doing and how that made all the difference in your current career. What steps you chose and why, helped me as a viewer understand what you are doing as a person, rather than a persona. I appreciate your time bud! Hopefully some more content like this will be produced!

  • GrimReaper IU 1 min ago

    pls. continue playing Happy Few mark!

  • Horny Cucumber 1 min ago

    Is it just me or is this the quietest he's ever been speaking normally??!??!!!??

  • Subnatica123 1 min ago

    I don’t like the fact he uses the words
    “he only shot a baby”

  • Sapphire 1 min ago


  • ZeevDrifter 1 min ago

    surprised nobody accused Mark of sexual objectifying of women? not saying he was, I like some bibble babs as much as the next guy.

  • Sam Plays 1 min ago

    7:11 JUST playing some fortnite then pressed play, worst decision of my life

  • Raian Nafid 1 min ago

    please can you play spiderman games 1,2,3

  • Amy Frost 1 min ago

    Thanks for playing the games mark! 🙂

  • HD savage savagelady#.unspeakably cool 1 min ago


    My reaction to getting my first bra. Lol.

  • Milo Cadman 1 min ago

    Groundbreaking theory: now that matpat covered his darkiplier stuff marks just fucking with people lol

  • Sierra Reyes 1 min ago

    Don't know if anyone else noticed this or it's just me… but Mark has been having a lot of technical difficulties in his videos lately. And to anyone who saw Game Theory's video about the conspiracies on Mark's channel, I think that Darkiplier has something to do with all this. Just a thought…!

  • Slendergaming 1 min ago

    Y'know, at first when this whole youtube plot came up it changed how I normally view his videos a bit, but I was okay with it. But after watching this… I kinda f*cking hate him now. I've been a sub since he had 500k, the first game I saw him play was some SCP spinoff. After watching him crudely ridicule himself, and shit on all these games that people generously put time and effort into, it has officially ruined his channel for me. I run my own channel that is just starting out, inspired by him, but now… his channel is just shit, I can no longer relate to his him as a youtuber, and he has finally transcended being a common person. Finally a celebrity. Old Mark was soo much better. Here's to a loss of a longtime sub *Cheers*. To be taking this as a grain of salt indicates a disconnection between him and his fanbase. Something relatively horrible, ESCPECIALLY for a youtber.

  • Kaitlyn Lorentzen 1 min ago

    I hate everyone's comments… please stop with this matpat theory we get it… it's just a theory and it's becoming annoying cause that's all that anybody talks about now instead of the content. I'm sorry it's just my opinion I know it probably won't stop but I'm saying something

  • chis gusky 1 min ago

    I wouldn't imagine it would work but I have been surprised before.