Hey guy’s this is a live commentary of a multiplayer online horror game “Haunted Forest”. Hope you guy’s enjoyed the live commentary because we will make …

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  • rillevis22 28 mins ago

    Hee hollanders wete nie da under engels of op wa et ook moe lijken FAALT. Ik zeg altijd alsde iets nie kunt doe et dan nie.

  • Erwin Schrodinger 28 mins ago

    That framerate…….

  • Rocket 28 mins ago

    link the game in the about section so we can get it….

  • Carlos Armada 28 mins ago

    If you make another video ethane tic I will support you olot and if you read my other msgs and let me in one of your vids please dude

  • Carlos Armada 28 mins ago

    If you say no I understand

  • Carlos Armada 28 mins ago

    If you read this and say yes wright your username and thank you if you say yes

  • Carlos Armada 28 mins ago

    It will mean olot to me to be in one of your videos in YouTube for minecraft I'm saying this cause I love your videos

  • Carlos Armada 28 mins ago

    Ethonetic I wanna meet you in Skype can we Skype eacother so we can play minecraft together please:(?

  • Kevin McCarthy games 28 mins ago

    U just earned another subscriber Congrats Ethonetic bro

  • Kevin McCarthy games 28 mins ago

    It lags lol

  • Carlos Armada 28 mins ago

    I mean

  • Carlos Armada 28 mins ago

    Iowa mean 105

  • Carlos Armada 28 mins ago

    Ethonetic I saw what you put in bajancanadians comments if you see151 subscriber I mad it to 151 I hope you read this thnx

  • Reginacek 28 mins ago

    Where aRe you from you sound like you are dutch like me

  • Hi ethonic i found your channel by seeing your comments and i love your vids sub = done
    but my channel is in the dumps my mic broke but now its fixed but its hard to get started again.. ):
    anyway thanks for reading hope you become successful. (-:

  • Cryptidman117 28 mins ago

    This is terrible, its so bad

  • Ben Faingold 28 mins ago

    Stangroen watched it im devileyes101

  • edd pole 28 mins ago

    SHe scared the hell of me

  • demicat 28 mins ago

    2 Things Ethonetic, STOP SPAMMING ON EVERYTHING. Its not helping. You're audience will shrink by doing that. Secondly nobody just starts out with 500 subscribers and two videos. So please its not making anyone happy.

  • Sis554 28 mins ago

    "i think some one found there little girlfriend"
    lol!!! XD

  • Sis554 28 mins ago

    love the accent!

  • Sis554 28 mins ago

    there are trying there best. back off

  • marleyjade01 28 mins ago


  • MarkH453 28 mins ago

    niccee vid guys, post more of this <3

  • Stonieyall lijten 28 mins ago


  • MegaCakeftw 28 mins ago

    nice vid, didn't know you could play horror games on s2 0.o

  • jason brooklin 28 mins ago

    cool! i will follow you guys on twitter

  • gfhafhd fhdaf 28 mins ago

    GJ Ethonetic, "liked"

  • Thijs Visser 28 mins ago

    hahaha keep practice on english, nice video.
    I'm going to subscribe, hope you make more horror vids in the future!

  • coddudeful 28 mins ago

    good vid, keep producing 😉

  • Linkin 28 mins ago

    fun game guys and good vid, just two questions: where can i find this game and are you guys going to upload more horror?