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  • SeeJayAre 27 mins ago

    Thanks for watching and continuing to support my channel… I'll do my best to answer any questions you have before Friday's launch.

  • Barcode731 27 mins ago

    Such a boring review tone LOL.

  • REM REM 27 mins ago

    Yo!! You said spoiler free!! You just spoiled half the story you asswipe!!!3:00

  • Gamer Alley 27 mins ago

    Good review

  • boxerjoey39 27 mins ago

    Great review:) You should team-up with Victor Lucas! Well done!

  • RetroGC 27 mins ago

    Looks good but is it really better than the Atari 2600 version? Lol . Great video

  • Courage Ekhaguere 27 mins ago

    Good review just keep it spoiler free next time

  • Seek Find Play 27 mins ago

    I've watched you for so long and am so used to your chill game hunting banter that it was kinda weird watching you articulate in such a different way, good review though. Cant wait to pick this up.

  • Josh Stapleton 27 mins ago

    Great content as always Charlie! That was a great review! 🤜🏼🤛🏼

  • DunnyZed 27 mins ago

    Spoilers FFS!!!!

  • pittel 27 mins ago

    “Spoiler free”??? I never knew Dock Ock was in the game! That’s a huge spoiler is you ask me….. I’ve seen 100s of spidey vids but did’nt knew Otto was in the game… Thanks alot a-hole…..

  • sam brown 27 mins ago

    Wow what a great review

  • Hoodoo 27 mins ago

    Great review, can’t wait to pick up a copy 👍

  • Ricardo Figueiredo 27 mins ago

    Thank you for giving us your honest review! Keep doing a awesome job!

  • Dad & Lads Gaming 27 mins ago

    Really impressed with this review. Great job bud.

  • just for fun 27 mins ago

    Hey bud, Im wondering what was your favorite spiderman game on any console before playing the new one? Mine is spiderman 2 on gamecube. Keep up your great vids.

  • Vidit Chauhan 27 mins ago

    Are you kidding me?? Spoiler free?? You've ruined the story you idiot!!

  • King Prime 27 mins ago

    Yo!! You said spoiler free!! You just spoiled half the story you asswipe!!!

  • daniel esponda 27 mins ago

    Mentioning that characters died towards the end isnt spoiler free plus the Octavius mentorship

  • knupfi 27 mins ago

    Dont know if you are into trophies, but can you tell if the Platinum has any difficulty ?

  • Laith Dirsiye 27 mins ago

    (Spoiler free) Peter Parker having a mentorship with Dr Otto Octavius

  • DoorFiesta 27 mins ago

    Nice can’t wait to get it on the Xbox One

  • PlayBreakers 27 mins ago

    Damn this dude dropped a major spoiler. Smh.

  • Monkey 47 27 mins ago

    Liar you had to do this

  • Ugh… I hate that I still have to wait a little longer to play it 😭. Great review btw

  • Ci Fur 27 mins ago

    "Spoiler Free" he said. "The game revolves around Spider-Man's relationship with Doctor Otto Octavius and his fall into madness." He said.

  • Zach Fish 27 mins ago

    Long term garage sale pickup watcher here, and I have to say I’m very impressed with your review! Fantastic job.

  • New 77 Era 27 mins ago

    Im so broke, i have pre ordered: Spiderman, Nba2k19, Black ops 4, Red dead 2, Fifa 19, Fallout 76, Assassins Creed Odessey.

  • TrainerChip 27 mins ago

    I was honestly unsure if I wanted to pick up this game, but you’ve convinced me! Great review.

  • FearTheMenace 27 mins ago

    You're so natural at this. Keep it up! Great review.

  • Cobradad Electric 27 mins ago

    looks good! great review

  • MrOrangeGrass 27 mins ago

    Just like Filip Miucin plagiarized his reviews, SeeJayAre plagiarized his Spider Man review from Charlie Rogers. Word for word! Sad!