Hey everyone here is my review for Snoopy’s Grand Adventure for the Playstation 4. Also check out my stuff at 5th Gen Gamer a Show dedicated to the history …

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  • 2071Johnny 23 mins ago

    For those complaining about length when the game ends, thst's why we have a modding community.

    If only there was a modding scene for this game, they we can get a ton of new levels and costumes. Maybe more challenging stages. You know, the usual mod/hack content.

  • Randalle Britt 23 mins ago

    Snoopy and Woodstock are my absolute favorite Characters

  • Kenny Vargasa 23 mins ago


  • star lord 23 mins ago

    it's cheaper now

  • bacchusbx 23 mins ago

    damned, too bad, i saw the game for under than 20€ and i was hoping it was, not great, but at, least, average; But when i hear the flaws it has, i will pass my turn (there are other games that will soon be released so there's no need to waste money). "Yonder" review, here i come, pleeeease, don't be bad (or even disapointing).

  • Jimmy Two-Times 23 mins ago

    Also. this is a video game for toddlers and young children, you sir are a 40 year-old virgin.

  • Jimmy Two-Times 23 mins ago

    I think you need a shave and a shower. I will even start a GoFundMe to get you enough money for a comb so you can leave the house and find a woman.

  • 24Johnny91 23 mins ago

    Ouch, 2 hours long… I wanted this to be good (well it actually is) but at the moment I don't have the money to spend 50+ for 2 hours :/
    I'll keep the memories of watching the cartoon many years ago, and reading the comics 🙂

  • James Boyer 23 mins ago

    wait five years and get it on the cheap!

  • LoudPlace 23 mins ago

    Sounds perfect for a free rental at Rebbox. I have this code that expires tonight (3/11/16) at 11:59. First come first served. I'd recomend using it online in case someonen uses it before you get to the Redbox machine:
    7UYPRQPY – No Wii games so I can't use it. Yes… I only have a Wii hahaha (i know, i know)

  • Rodrigo Plumari Gomes 23 mins ago

    Very nice review, got a new subscriber!

  • cool.

  • PKKumatora 23 mins ago

    I beat the game and got it yesterday. I think there's more…

  • HellBringer 23 mins ago

    when i heard about it i was stoked but i thought it was going to be $15

  • HellBringer 23 mins ago

    LOL its $70 in Canada and its on sale now on psn for $40 . was going to buy it as platformers i love and feel like the old school type are dead so i wanted this but the length is to short even after a price cut from $70 to $40 is not worth it in my books. i have great free tablet platformers that are 10 plus hours so how can they do this why not just make a random generator so they could have had a longer game but this is horrible

  • Mr Schultz 23 mins ago

    Thanks for the review. It's $25 on sale right now, a good pickup at that price for the kids.

  • Nazzlover38 23 mins ago

    I'm actually shocked Disney never made a game based on Vanellope Von Schweets.

  • Axx Jam 23 mins ago

    Should be £19.99 not £49.99. then again, I see this being worth peanuts in a few months

  • SunkythePootis 23 mins ago

    2 hours for a game that costs £25 for a 3DS eshop download? Talk about a steep price for a game with that length. 3D Sonic 2 has roughly the same length as this game yet that game costs £4.49 (now of course Sonic 2 is a lot older than this game but still). Who made this game? one research session later What?! The same developers that made the Bugs Bunny PS1 games and recently worked on Fallout 4 and Wolfenstein the New Order? ….umm ok who published the ga- oh wait it's Activistion. That doesn't surprise me one bit.

  • Jarryd Howard 23 mins ago

    it might be playstation plus or xbox gold free game

  • Nice review. You earned a new subscriber 🙂

  • Stubble Manliness 23 mins ago

    I'm fine with short games. Better to have a tight few hours than an open world with copy and pasted gameplay.

    Can you turn off the tutorial in the beginning? Not a dealbreaker but I'd still like to know.

  • Zach B 23 mins ago

    Thanks for the review. I'm a gamer / collector and my son is a Peanuts fan, so we've been waiting for this one for several months. It does look like a fun but simple platformer. We played Kirby Epic Yarn together and it looks very similar in a lot of respects. It also was "easy" even though it can be challenging to beat your highest score of collecting beads. This game looks like it's similar with the jelly beans.

    I would agree on the price vs length. We're going to pick it up as a gift, regardless, but it seems like it's already dropped a few bucks on Amazon in only a week. So it's probably going to drop again by next month.

  • Patrick Cross 23 mins ago

    Actually from watching this it kind of reminds me of the old Duck Tales game or I should say at this point the remasted one for xbox live and psn.

  • MAXTHUNDER99 23 mins ago

    My public library has this game on the PS4. I'm glad I won't have to buy it in order for my kids to play it.

  • Roben Durand 23 mins ago

    It's a Kidd game of course it's short and easy for u

  • Aliens Studios Productions 23 mins ago

    If you get a happy meal each Peanuts figure comes with a five dollar off coupon for the game.
    I like the game personally, but for the non-Peanuts fan, I don't know if there is anything to really enjoy here. I say getting all of the beagle scouts, jelly beans and achievements will put this game between 4 and 8 hours depending on skill level.

  • MrGamemaker8 23 mins ago

    Hopefully the price will drop in the next month on the Wii U version. I have a soft spot for Snoopy and the short length of only relaxing gameplay is rather unfortunate (it could of only been 2 hours of high moments and it could of possibly been worth it). Thanks for the review.

  • sponge bob 23 mins ago

    this game looks adorable and fun. it's a little disappointing to hear that it's short and not challenging, but it's not a surprise. i love snoopy, but i think i'll wait for this one to hit the clearance rack.

  • mylifeintheknifetrade 23 mins ago

    Looks like a basic but fun little platformer. Too bad it's so short.
    Good review! 🙂

  • Tobey Starburst 23 mins ago

    Well it is a kid's game man lol. You should have known that from the start.

  • Tobey Starburst 23 mins ago

    Is it easy to Platinum?