Hello and welcome to What Da Math?! This is a review of another space games called Vega Conflict – a free to play massively multiplayer space strategy game …

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  • AMRain 12 mins ago

    watch my vids for decent gameplay of this game

  • Andrew C 12 mins ago

    I've played vega conflict for over 5 years since beta release, I'd advise new players to stay away if your not going to do the long haul. new players are so overwhelmed with a lot of things that's going on at the same time, you do even know where to begin. if you want to get anywhere in Vega you need the current EVENT PRIZES AND NEW SHIP HULL'S, INCLUDING THE TECH/ weapons etc etc.. not including the parts for ship upgrades/ research upgrades etc etc etc….. for an quote ie NON-COINER to acquire to basic min standard crap your looking at 2.5 years playing casually.. also quote your basic items that comes with your account is obsolete due to the never ending new release items every 2 months for the MAIN EVENT which no new player can get the points necessary to acquire the best current items. if you want the item's prepare to spend big buck's, I know many people that have spend over $15k in 6 month to compete with the in gamer's. WARNiNG STAY AWAY!!!

  • Rick Garland 12 mins ago

    this is still an awesome game if the game developers would get their heads out of there asses and stop with this greed they have show the past few months. i have been playing this game for a long time my base is level 47 and i love this game but i hate how kixeye doesnt listen to its players because the players are the ones spending money to play and they should be listened to

  • Patrick Mooney 12 mins ago

    Do you still play Anton?

  • Harvey Dent 12 mins ago

    It take forever to do anything and the community is shit .you will be waiting days or in som cases weeks to finish something .

  • Aziz Aja 12 mins ago

    You should try Alien: Isolation, if you really brave enough

  • jeremiah montegio 12 mins ago

    You see those guys from IF? If u have free time build 2 harriers and hit their cargo ;). not many people like ifs

  • bbroegger 12 mins ago

    let me point this out very clearly, pay to win = when you are able to buy stuff, that puts you in an advantage, that you arent able to obtain for a certain ship that is really good..and only way to get it is to pay… this game isnt pay to win…its pay for lack of patience 🙂 you pay to get to endgame faster, but everybody is able to get there 🙂 Other than that…awesome review!! thanks alot!

  • StardustSpix 12 mins ago

    Spectral Shields protect against energy weapons
    Shockwave Shields protect against explosive weapons
    Deflector Shields protect against projectile weapons

  • StuffzAnDThingZ 12 mins ago

    Your videos are soo good that i subbed to you

  • Shane Semler 12 mins ago

    Pay to win is no good.

  • SaberViper 12 mins ago

    Were the unit sounds just ripped right out of Homeworld?

  • Bas van Lissum 12 mins ago

    right at the moment i have to go. D:

  • Bas van Lissum 12 mins ago

    right at the moment i have to go. D: