I figured I had enough playtime and content to make a review, so here you go folks 🙂 About ENKI (Flat Tenebrae): “ENKI is a repeatable horror experience about …

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  • Thanks. It's on sale at Steam for $2.99. After watching this it's probably not even worth that amount nor the hard drive space!

  • Raymond St Paul 1 hour ago

    First you have a sexy voice…second thanks for the review…third I will avoid purchasing this game I really hate timed limits.

  • Ace100 Hyper 1 hour ago

    What's with all the ridiculously short games coming out? I'm starting to not like the smell of this

  • Damn that's disappointing about the randomization :/

  • blood blood 1 hour ago

    hahaha "LITERALLY JESUS" – i just found this channel…subbed! 🙂

  • FredGotGame 1 hour ago

    Hey Sky, Wanted to say I loved this review and the channel. I picked this up the other day but haven't played it yet myself. Anyway, I followed you on all of the things so hopefully i'll catch one of your Twitch streams in the near future :]

  • aJenDuh 1 hour ago

    You did such a fantastic job on this video, Sky! I'd love to see some more review videos on your channel if you have the time. <3