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  • Wolfy LightGatcha 29 mins ago


  • Wolfy LightGatcha 29 mins ago
  • Wolfy LightGatcha 29 mins ago


  • Jessica Hazelett 29 mins ago


  • Robin Thomas 29 mins ago

    Granny : want to play hide and seek me: sure granny : were are you? Me : no no no I’m not going to tell you were I am it’s the hole point of the game

  • Passion Leon 29 mins ago

    "I just have, extremely sweaty hands all the time" lol

  • Maren Csaramie Ancheta 29 mins ago

    2:30 I was shookt! 😂😱 Then I threw my phone away from me😂😂

  • TheDiamondMiner56 MC 29 mins ago

    When I watch granny I’m not scared but when I play it I’m so freaked out.

  • Carrie Nenke 29 mins ago

    Granny most prized pozeshon Is the teddy

  • payoja priyadarshini rath 29 mins ago

    wow u r grt dude !!!! man i dont belive this

  • Wardman Tv 29 mins ago

    gtanny is vril

  • Livylooboss 29 mins ago

    The first jump scare got me good

  • Cat Bro's 29 mins ago

    Is anyone watching in 2018? Almost 2019

  • Lijuan You 29 mins ago

    That jump scare at the beginnng… Denis you scared me more


  • Tyler Wright 29 mins ago

    Anyone else get scared at 2:30

  • Ranasis Ananthasubramaniam 29 mins ago

    P.S Love your videos

  • Ranasis Ananthasubramaniam 29 mins ago

    Denis I have a huge crush on you

  • slendrina 29 mins ago

    That's me i'm slendrina

  • Quinteria Casher 29 mins ago

    DenisDaily start reading the wood because I think slendrina wrote it

  • Rai Bowman 29 mins ago

    Or denis can you play kick the buddy.

  • Rai Bowman 29 mins ago

    Denis can you play splatoon2 please.

  • Potato Cloud 29 mins ago

    Also, you can kill granny for a minute if you lock her in the sauna and turn it on

  • Duh its glitter 29 mins ago

    New scene is head chopped off

  • Random Person 29 mins ago

    That wasn't a new scene

  • Madison LPS Kitten 29 mins ago

    Me : watching
    Granny : Where are youuuu?
    Dog : looks at me
    Granny : Do you want to play hide 'n seeeeeeeeeeeek?
    Dog : runs away
    Me : ……
    Sister : I wanna play hide 'n seek!
    Me: With an old lady with no teeth and bloody gums carrying around a bat?
    Sister :Don't be rude to a grandma! Shes gonna cry!

  • Dina Kassim 29 mins ago

    when you pick up the teddy bear granny gets really mad so she runs to you right away but she will walk away if you drop it… but i don't know the secret behind that

  • Ashraf Elias 29 mins ago


  • Kaylee Thornton 29 mins ago

    Did anyone else notice something in the first cabinet he open

  • Leanne Mills 29 mins ago


  • Gisbelle Ferrufino 29 mins ago

    her name is slendrina

  • Rick Coggins 29 mins ago

    There's a sana

  • Awsomeguy127yay Awsomeguy127yay 29 mins ago

    Granny spawns in basement

  • Gianna Heller 29 mins ago

    There is two granny’s

  • Michelle Zhang 29 mins ago

    Pros? Ok

  • IdkWhatToCallMyself 3 29 mins ago

    2:02 ring ring ring ring banana phone

  • Sasha Bowes 29 mins ago

    Did you know the teddy is controlling granny so when you pick it up granny gets madder and if you keep going with the teddy in your hands she hears you everywhere cuz the teddy has a heart beat🐻

  • Foney YT 29 mins ago

    The painting gives you a bonus day

  • Mokar Mokar 29 mins ago

    If you complete the painting granny gives you a extra day in the house

  • Queibi Herrera 29 mins ago

    Can you play granny can you get in the car is and ganes

  • your own personal existential crisis 29 mins ago

    By the way, the developer released a new update, which includes:

    More places to explore

    A second way to escape

    New Practice Difficulty
    -Granny is not home
    -There are still creaks in the floor
    -“Not completely free from dangers”

    More useful items to find

    When shot with the shotgun, Granny is now gone a little longer

    Granny now has a pet

  • Galaxy Gabrielle 29 mins ago

    Granny hears everything so she probably uses ear swabs, but she still didn’t brush her teeeeeeth!

  • Jairo Meraz 29 mins ago

    Just chops off your head huh

  • darkprodeath 29 mins ago

    hi denis can you do a fan meet up in Toronto Canada

  • awesometubeHD 29 mins ago

    More more more a lot mor granny