One of the recently emerging technologies for gaming and Sim Racing is Virtual Reality. Oculus Rift has recently seen a price drop to $399 for the headset and …

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  • Sim Racing Paddock 8 mins ago

    Editor's Note: Apparently the "Bundle" with the Xbox One controller has ended recently, but it is still available at most places for $399, just without the controller!

  • FabulousFab 8 mins ago

    As many have said, there is no turning back for me from VR. Even more, VR brought me back to sim-racing.
    I can enjoy like never before.
    As for motion sickness, everyone react differently, I am lucky to be very moderately afflicted at first.
    And, most important, you can train for it. Try short session at first. The more you use it, the less you'll feel it. I can use it for 2h+ session without any problem.
    It's funny to see people buying an Oculus, trying right on a very heavy VR experience, getting sick and re-selling it : there some very good deal to be made from those people.

  • MattSimRacing 8 mins ago

    I recently tried VR for sim racing as i really wanted to invest in it to upgrade our set up. So glad i did as it was one of the most overated and worst things i have tried. The so called 'Screen Door Effect' was abismal and almost made it undrivable. Yes you can look around the car and to the corners but whats the point since they are so badly pixelated. I wouldn't swap this for my single screen let alone a triple screen set up. For me its probably 2 generations away from being usable.

  • MV Shaw 8 mins ago

    Excellent review.

  • Chung Junwoo 8 mins ago

    Cost wise… I think getting a good triple monitor setup is way more money. And having a good pc is a must for sim anyways. 399 is an insane value for all you can get with this system. It comes with tons of free vr titles that include some real quality production material. If you are okay with fiddling with computers, go for it.

  • Mike Sellers 8 mins ago

    What stand are you using? I bought a Next Level Racing stand and I have a lot of deck wobble. I am looking for something more solid.

  • Jeremy Capron 8 mins ago

    I'm not even sure I could sim race anymore without it being in vr. Screen door effect isn't that bad, especially after using it for a while. I have to make myself see it now. 1st day or two I was getting motion sickness but now I can go hours at a time and it doesn't bother me a bit. VR and sim racing are a match made in heaven.

  • he wants to just stomp this thing down doesnt he? however……………………….

  • Peter Ginsburg 8 mins ago

    Nice review William. I finally had a chance to demo a Rift. The immersion is great, but the screen door effect is quite pronounced. I currently run a 27 inch 3D stereo monitor with nVidia 3D Vision, plus a TrackIR head tracking system. Where I sit, I have a 40 degree field of view, so at 1920 pixel HD, I have 48 pixels per angular degree. With the Rift at 1080 pixels over 110 degree field of view, the resolution is 9.8 pixels per degree. So, I'm used to seeing 3D stereo at almost 5 times the resolution of the Rift. A VR headset would need something between 4k and 8k per eye to match the nVidia 3D shutter glasses. So, the VR headsets have a way to go to match the older technology. And as you say, people would need some heavy duty video cards to run high resolution headsets. But, if people can adapt to the screen door view, the Rift is really pretty good. For some games, you might not even notice the pixels. The immersion is really quite convincing. But, if you're searching for tiny objects in the distance, like in a racing game or combat flight sim, high resolution is really needed.

  • Carlo Piras 8 mins ago

    One of the most complete reviews in general. Bravissimo!

  • John Pilgrim 8 mins ago

    The screen door effect is extremely blown out of proportion. Once you put it on and start gaming it practically disappears. The immersion from VR is amazing especially in cockpit games like sim racing. I don't think I could ever go back to racing with monitors again!

  • Emmitt Morgans 8 mins ago

    Earlier last year? Touch was released at the end of 2016.

    Was $600, is now $399 = $300 price cut? Wot?

  • Arhnuld 8 mins ago

    Seeing the screen door effect in your video really made me sad. No idea it was that bad.

  • Ninjai71 8 mins ago

    I'm racing a lot with the CV1 and Assetto Corsa and I'm loving it very much!
    The reprojection from Oculus works now so good, that its no problem if your grafics card could only render at least 45 fps during online races!
    I see only very little jitterings or such at all. If there is less render power needed while driving the game renders 90 fps until it switches back to 45 fps. I'm using a i7 4790 with a gforce 970 gtx clocked at 1420mhz and it's working realy fine. But later I will also upgrade to a 1070 or 1080.
    I'm locking forward for future headsets with 4k or even 8k just for the display, to get rid of the screendoor effect. But for now, racing with these actual headsets is already really great and your driving will improve massivly espacially for races with a lot of cars around you and your tight positioning at corners will improve too. 🙂

  • Doctor Yak Reviews 8 mins ago

    Good work 🙂

  • 450,- with the touch controllers here in austria via amazon. well i guess thats the days, lets order this before sanity kicks in…

  • DJHeroMasta 8 mins ago

    Well, you know….if Nvidia/Developers would implement SMP (Simultaneous Multi-Projection) in upcoming VR titles/add support to older games. Users would see a performance improvement by at least 1.5x That reduced usage could then be applied to supersampling thus reducing the screen door effect. What I want to be improved is the FOV. #StarVR

  • cees beekhuyzen 8 mins ago

    I have the psvr and the oculus cv1,the screendoor is less on the psvr and the fit on your head is the best off all vr headsets.

    But when you try lone echo on the oculus rift you will be blown away its that immersive!

    I did remove the faceplate from the oculus rift and put a gear vr face plate inside.So i am closer to the screen and it makes the field of view bigger.(because for me the field of view for me was bigger on the psvr)

    I do use 4 sensors on the rift for complete roomscale.
    And also supersampling does do wonders for the rift to get a clearer picture.

    I cant wait for project cars 2 for the oculus rift!

  • GTsimms 8 mins ago

    VR Cover extended(long) face pad works great for eyewear. I just got mine, yesterday.

  • synthbent715 8 mins ago

    Almost bought a Rift, spent several days trying to decide between it and a 1080 ti. I ended up going with the 1080 ti and keeping my triples. Probably for the better because the time I was trying to make this decision was about two weeks before they dropped the price on the Oculus Rift and I would have been pretty bummed. I'm paying close attention to VR tech, and when its up to snuff I'll go for it, but I don't think its ready yet. (yes I have actually used VR)

  • KRoman47 8 mins ago

    What I've heard PSVR has less visible screen door effect than Oculus thanks to different subpixel composition even though it has probably even lower resolution.

  • Johnny Cage 8 mins ago

    Sim Racing Paddock – there is a FREE alternative to VorpX, it's called Depth3D 🙂
    With VorpX & Depth3D you can play older games like GTR2 or RACE 07 / WTCC / RACE INJECTION in VR – and because they are so old you can supersample the sh*t out of them to smooth the visuals and eliminate the screendoor effect.

  • Johnny Cage 8 mins ago

    Don't get fooled by Primax's stats. 4K and 8K sounds good on paper but the Primax VR glasses have massive input lag and no head tracking so you can't even use them for racing games, they are only decent for watching movies or slow paced video games (adventures/RPGs, visual novels, puzzle games)

  • Kim Rene Mossige 8 mins ago

    What karting game did you play in this video?

  • quarterthrottle 8 mins ago

    I find that driving a real car is almost as realistic as driving in vr!

  • Bojan Bubnjević 8 mins ago

    Do I even need xbox controller for PC use?

  • RamjetX 8 mins ago

    ASW works fine in forward facing motion. ASW struggles with fast motion… I.e looking sideways while driving.. scenery can have artifacting… But it is so fast that the next frame corrects it and you don't see it anyway.

    What it does do though it's compensate for nearly half the gpu load and gives you 90fps when you need it.

    And it works very very well

  • SingleRacer 8 mins ago

    Being the TV technology fanatic that I am. To me it is the same argument as 3D glasses – in other words, when you go to sit in whatever chair you sit in to go sim-racing, does the "immersion factor" override all other negatives you might have, and so you nd up reaching for the Rift headset more often then you don't? (for the record, I don't own one, so I would have no idea)