Check out our review of Overcooked 2 for the Nintendo Switch. The latest high drama, intense multiplayer co-op game to hit the console. But is it gourmet or …

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  • SwitchUp 42 mins ago

    What do we prefer co-op or versus multiplayer? Let us know in the comments. Happy gaming. Glen

  • andrew cameron 42 mins ago

    I was not even interested in this , I played it while waiting in line at yesterday's play expo London, it's addictive, funny, so charming and with more than one player it's a big turn around for me, I'm sure it will sell but a demo would sell some doubters such as myself

  • realicepick1 42 mins ago

    I was worried about performance on the switch.. Having all of the systems I'm leaning towards switch for the portability.. Is the performance a deal breaker vs the other versions? Any joy con issues as opposed to using standard controller, in terms button layout?

  • Johnny The Boy 42 mins ago

    Thanks, finally a video which showed the emotes. I'm just wondering, can you also "emote" which ingredient you will work with (for example, when there were rice and fish, is there a way how I can tell other players that I will prepare rice)? And have you tried playing online with random players? How was it?

  • sabre_wulf1 42 mins ago

    so happy team 17 are becoming a great software house again. some cracking titles of late.
    great review as always.

  • Frankie Garcia 42 mins ago

    I preorder the physical release so I could get the too many chefs Bonus Pack. We are committed to not playing this though until Me and My Girls finish part 1.

  • Qurious Qat 42 mins ago

    Romaine calm?? You guys are killin me 😹

  • lmonne 42 mins ago

    nice. this time around i will give it a go. seems to outshine the first game a bit. i wonder if i will want to play the first one after having played this. i have always been more of a fan of co-op than vs. just less butthurt i guess. and working together is something everyone could use a little more of these days. cheers, guys!

  • King BOO256 42 mins ago

    Cool I might have to try this game I haven't played one yet I might buy both great job😀😁😎 Awesome channel😁

  • Luke Symonds 42 mins ago

    I kinda wanna try this but after 9 stressful hours of cooking each day, not sure I wanna come home and play this lol

  • Joash Crisostomo 42 mins ago


  • Michael Goth 42 mins ago

    How have you guys not reviewed Salt and Sanctuary yet?

  • hliparjr 42 mins ago

    How can 2 players on one console join 1 other player online?? Will it allow 2+1?

  • JCookie 42 mins ago

    I prefer coop sadly I've been playing it by myself.. hard to get someone to play with

  • Jace Glover 42 mins ago

    Pre-purchased this the day it was available! I'm thinking we may have to have a SwitchUp Overcooked night at some point and see how well the online co op holds up!

  • Benjamin Milkman 42 mins ago

    This game is a huge mind fuck my brain hurts in single player

  • Nehemias Gonzalez 42 mins ago

    Looks cool but im poor af.

  • The Average Gamer 42 mins ago

    The announcement trailer reminded me of fallout.

  • Ryan liemb 42 mins ago

    Been waiting for these. I pre-purchased it and enjoy the game so much. I am suprised the controller is getting better. Don't forget the online multi-player mode. This game is dope

  • Randal Fox 42 mins ago

    I wish single player mode was easier… Might have to pass since my co-op partner is not a good Overcooked player.

  • BEAST MODE 42 mins ago

    Awesome review guys. Overcooked is not my type of game but after this review I might purchase it just to mess around friends

  • Lacey Yaxley 42 mins ago

    Hewooo I played this game yesterday! I think it's really fun I was running around screening "AHHH WHAT DO I DO?!!" when I was new to it 😂